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Professor Daniel Chan


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Research Interests:
Daniel KY Chan is a senior staff specialist and director of Aged Care and Rehabilitation at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital. He is also a conjoint Professor of Geriatrics at the University of New South Wales and an adjunct Professor at the University of Western Sydney. He has qualifications in clinical practice (FRACP, FHKCP), research (MD) and health service management (MHA, AFCHSE). He has been involved with many molecular biology, epidemiological, Parkinson's disease, stroke, vascular dementia and health service related research. He has over 160 publications in journals, many of these as first author or corresponding author. Many are internationally reputable journals, some highly prestigious. Some of the best journals include New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, the top journals in neurology and geriatrics. Published Chan's Practical Geriatrics 4th edition which has been translated into Chinese and endorsed as China's national teaching material

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    Journal articles | 2013
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    Journal articles | 2012
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    Journal articles | 2011
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    Journal articles | 2010
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    Journal articles | 2007
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Past NHMRC grants (2005-2007,2008-2011) and current NHMRC ideas grant (2022-2024)

Current: ACI, industrial grants, NHMRC, 

International expert member of the National Center of Gerontology in China 2018

Current research include:

Vascular dementia: genetics and environmental interactions

Parkinson's disease

Falls prevention

Acute geriatric outreach service to nursing homes

Traditional herbal medication drug trial for vascular dementia

My Research Supervision

ILP students, honours students, PhD student

My Teaching

Published Chan's Practical Geriatrics 3rd and 4th editions which have both been translated into Chinese and endorsed as China's national teaching material