Dr Derrick Lau

Dr Derrick Lau

Research Associate

Doctor of philosophy - Anatomy - UNSW - 2020

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Class I - Molecular and Cell Biology - UNSW - 2015

Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting - UNSW - 2014

Bachelor of Science - Biochemistry - UNSW - 2014

Bachelor of Science - Medical Microbiology and Immunology - UNSW - 2014


Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine

Derrick completed a combined Bachelors in Commerce and Science at University of New South Wales in 2014. He further pursued his passion for research into infectious diseases and molecular biology during his Honours which eventually transformed into a PhD project with A/Prof Till Böcking. His PhD thesis focused on developing new tools to better understand how HIV-1 capsid interactions with host co-factors modulate its function as a transport vessel in trafficking the genome towards the nucleus during infection.

Derrick is currently working with A/Prof Yann Gambin and A/Prof Emma Sierecki to innovate single molecule approaches to diagnose individuals at risk of developing Parkinson's Disease.

Level 3 Single Molecule Science, Lowy Cancer Research Centre (Grid Ref C25 UNSW Map), Via Gate 9, Cnr of Botany and High Street Randwick, NSW, Australia 2052