Miss Emma Harding
Casual Academic

Miss Emma Harding

School of Biotech & Biomolecular Science

Emma is a current PhD candidate in Professor Peter White's lab studying the evolution of viruses. After completing a Bachelor of Advanced Science (First Class Honours), she worked as a research assistant in virology and molecular microbiology. Her current PhD work focuses on paleovirology and the study of endogenous viral elements within animal genomes, in particular investigating their cellular functions. Emma also demonstrates for undergraduate molecular biology and microbiology courses. Aside from research, she is engaged in a number of university activities incuding being selected as a Women in Maths and Science champion, involved in the undergradiate science SciConnect community and lead mentor on a HSC science extention (SciX) course.

L3, E26 Biological Sciences
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My Teaching

Demonstrator for the following courses in 2021:

  • MICR3061 - Viruses and Disease
  • MICR3081 - Bacteria and Disease
  • MICR2011 - Introduction to Microbiology