Dr Fab Horta Nunez

Dr Fab Horta Nunez

Senior Lecturer
Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine

Dr Fabrizzio Horta is a medical reproductive scientist who started his career as a research Andrologist. He has been involved in IVF as a clinical Andrologist, clinical embryologist and lately as Scientific Supervisor of R&D. He has undertaken studies in Medical Science, Medicine, Master of Clinical Embryology and PhD studies at Monash University in Melbourne, including a fellowship in molecular and clinical Andrology as well as training in biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship.
He currently works at UNSW lecturing for the master of reproductive medicine and developing research on biomarkers and non-invasive biomarkers of gamete and embryo quality, Infertility, Artificial Intelligence, reproductive genetics and technology innovation in Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

Additionally, he also consults as Scientific Advisor in reproductive genetics and innovation in assisted reproductive technologies.

Level 4, Room 445 Wallace Wurth Building Botany Street Kensington NSW 2052 & Level 1 Royal Hospital for Women Barker Street Randwick NSW 2031
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  • 1.- Ferring Australia grant for $23,000 AUD for the study “Oocyte DNA repair capacity in infertile couples”. Chief investigator: Dr Fabrizzio Horta. Associate investigator: Dr Sally Catt, A/Prof Peter Temple-Smith and Prof Beverley Vollenhoven. November 2019.

  • 2.- Monash IVF grant for $35,000 AUD for the study “Which factors are associated with recurrent implantation failure?”. Chief investigator: Dr Fabrizzio Horta. Associate investigator: Prof Ben W Mol, Dr Sally Catt, A/Prof Peter Temple-Smith and Prof Beverley Vollenhoven. December 2019.

  • 3.- Monash IVF grant for $25,000 AUD for the study “Novel methods of cryopreservation of ovarian tissue”. Chief investigator: Dr Sally Catt. Dr Fabrizzio Horta, Dr Kiri Bielby, A/Prof Peter Temple-Smith and Prof Beverley Vollenhoven. November 2019.

  • 4.- International Ferring COVID-19 investigational grant in reproductive medicine and maternal health for $8,500 AUD for the study “Incidence of natural conception in infertile couples schedule for ART treatment during fertility clinic COVID-19 in Australia/New Zealand”. Chief investigator: Dr Fabrizzio Horta, Elizabeth Cutting, Prof Ben W Mol. June 2020.

  • 5.- Non-invasive metabolic imaging of oocytes and early embryo development. Chief investigators: Dr Fabrizzio Horta, Dr Sally Catt, Prof Beverley Vollenhoven, Prof Adrian Neild, Dr Reza Nosrati, Dr Victor Cadarso. FSANZ grant awarded ($35,000 AUD),

  • 6.- Machine learning for Clinical Decision support in in-vitro fertilisation. Chief investigators: Dr Fabrizzio Horta, Dr Hamid Rezatofighi, Dr Sally Catt, Prof JianFei Cai, Prof Beverley Vollenhoven. Monash Data Future Institute grant awarded ($50,000 AUD).

  • 7.- Assessing the clinical impact of pharmacogenomics in IVF using a novel clinical decision support system integrating whole genome sequencing and artificial intelligence. Vollenhoven, B., Smith M M, V., Horta, F., Sacks, G., Coman, D. J., Gardner, D., Wang, R., Lin, H., Bi, M., Stocker, S. L., Grosser, M., Tipper, S. & Venter, D. J. The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), NHRMC. $2,959,360 AUD + partner contribution of $2.208M (23Strands + Virtus Health).

  • 8.- Non-invasive metabolic IVF, a novel strategy to revolutionise infertility treatments. Dr Fabrizzio Horta, A/Prof Victor Cadarso & Prof Adrian Neild. Monash Institute of Medical Engineering Seed Fund grant, Nov 2023 $50k.

  • 9.- Exploring Artificial intelligence for automating variant curation and big data linkage in reproductive genetics; towards preconception precision medicine in assisted reproductive technologies. Horta, F., Alinejad-Rokny, H., Marzbanrad, F.Lorber Rolnik, D., Shrestha, J., Venter, D. & Lin, H. $122.5K.


Total grants funding: $3,308,360 AUD

  • The best student of Medical Technology in 2005, Diego Portales University. Santiago, Chile. $500 AUD
  • Chilean master scholarship “Becas Chile para cursar magister en el extranjero” CONICYT, Ministerio de Educación, Gobierno de Chile, 2012. $80,000 AUD
  • Chilean PhD scholarship “Becas Chile para cursar doctorado en el extranjero” CONICYT, Ministerio de Educación, Gobierno de Chile, 2016 (not used).
  • Monash Graduate Scholarship (MGS) for stipends during PhD studies, 2016. Total funding: $105,000 AUD
  • Monash International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (MIPRS) PhD studies, 2016.
  • Faculty Graduate Research International Scholarship (FGRIS), for PhD studies, 2016. Total funding: $135,000 AUD
  • Scientist in Reproductive Technologies (SIRT) Student Travel Award ($500), 2017.
  • Scientist in Reproductive Technologies (SIRT) Student Travel Award ($500), 2018.
  • Best oral presentation Student/Early career researcher, SIRT-Midyear meeting worth in $2000 AUD, May 2018.
  • Best research presentation at EPRD 30-year symposium, Alumnae meeting, Prato, Italy, worth in $1000 AUD July 2018.
  • Best oral presentation in conference Niuvida, Lima, Peru, 2018, worth in 1000 USD.
  • Monash University Postgraduate Travel Award ($2,000), 2019.
  • Award worth $8,000 AUD towards obtaining “Certificate in Bio-innovation and entrepreneurship in biomedical science”, SPARK program, University of Technology of Sydney, September 2019.
  • Monash Postgraduate Publication Award ($4,924), 2020.
  • Monash accelerator program Pitch award ($2,000), 2020.
  • Young Investigator Award ASPIRE conference ($700) April 2022.
  • ARCS exchange session prize at SIRT/FSANZ conference ($5,000), July 2022.
  • Fellowship FMNHS ECR award $35,000
  • Outstanding Young researcher award. A microsystem for non-invasive imaging and simultaneous multi-biomarker 3d imaging. Erick J. Vargas-Ordaz, Terrance Lam, Bonan Liu, Fabrizzio Horta, Michelle L. Halls, Adrian Neild, and Victor J. Cadarso. July 2023, Kyoto, Japan.
  • Best overall presentation, Melbourne emerging leaders in biomedical research, August 2023. $0.4K
  • Finalist in David Healey award session, SRB Conference 2023, Brisbane, Australia, Nov 2023. $0.5k

Total awards funding: $390,024 AUD