Mr Fahim Ullah
Casual Academic

Mr Fahim Ullah

Degree                                                                              University      Outcome                                                                              Years

PhD (Built Environment)                                               UNSW                12 Publications, Outstanding Researcher                     2017 – March 2021

                        of the year, Two Best Paper Awards                 

Masters by Research (CPM)                                          NUST                 Presidential Gold Medal Award, High Distinction,   2013 – 2015

                        4 Publications, High Achievers Award                

UG Civil Engineering (CPM)                                          NUST                 Distinction, Gold Medal Nominee                                 2009 – 2013

Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Built Environment

→ Casual Lecturer at the School of Built Environment, University of New South Wales Sydney

→ Casual Academic Tutor, Teaching and Research Assistant, and Ph.D. Scholar at the University of New South Wales Sydney.

→ Lead Lecturer, Course Convener, and Associate Lecturer at the University of Sydney.

→ Former Lecturer at National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad Pakistan.

→ Former Assistant Manager Project Planning at Bin Nadeem Associates/FWO, Pakistan.

→ Former Planning Engineer and Malik Abdul Hanan and Sons, Pakistan.

PhD Research Lab, Level 6, School of Built Environment, Red Centre West Wing, UNSW 2052 Kensington, Sydney Australia

  • Awards                                                                                                                                                                                               Year

  • Outstanding Research Student Award by ARC Post Graduate Council UNSW Sydney                                                        2018
  • Best Student Paper Award at AUBEA 2018 conference                                                                                                             2018
  • Name Carved at NUST Wall of Honour due to exceptional research performance                                                             2018
  • Presidential GOLD MEDAL Receiver for highest GPA in Master of Construction Management                                       2017
  • Chairman’s best paper of the conference award (Joint) in ICEC 2017 Dec 1-2 Karachi Pakistan                                    2017
  • HIGH ACHIEVERS AWARD for Academic excellence in Master by Research                                                                       2015
  • Nominated for RECTOR’S GOLD MEDAL for UG final year project on INTELLIGENT BUILDINGS TECHNOLOGY     2013
  • Funding, Scholarships & Research Grants                                                                                                                           Year

  • HDR Completion Scholarship UNSW Built Environment                                                                                                        2021

  • The Wightman Bequest Ph.D. Top-Up Scholarship Winner UNSW Built Environment                                                     2018
  • UNSW Tuition Fee Scholarship (TFS) for Ph.D.                                                                                                                         2017
  • Higher Education Commission Pakistan UESTP Scholarship for Ph.D.                                                                                 2017


  1. Technology Adoption in Construction, Real Estate & Property Management
  2. Smart City Management: Applications of Disruptive Technologies


  1. Improving the Concession Period of Public-Private Partnership Projects in Infrastructure Construction Projects
  2. Implementing Six Sigma Technique for Improving Construction Quality

Published Articles

  1. Ullah, F., Sepasgozar, S., Thaheem, M. J., Wang, C. & Imran, M. (2021). It’s all about Perceptions: A DEMATEL approach to exploring user perceptions of real estate online platforms. Ain Shams Engineering Journal
  2. Ullah, F., Sepasgozar, S., & Thaheem, M. J. (2021). Barriers to the digitalization and innovation of Australian Smart Real Estate: A managerial perspective on the technology non-adoption. Environmental Technology & Innovation. 22, 101527.
  3. Ullah, F., Al-Turjman, F., Qayyum, S., Inam, H. & Imran,M. (2021). Advertising through UAVs: An optimized path system for delivering smart real estate advertisement materials. International Journal of Intelligent Systems.  10.1002/int.22422
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Published Conference Papers

  1. Ullah, F., Shinetogtokh, T., Sepasgozar, S, & Ali, T.H. (2019). Investigation of the users’ interaction with online real estate platforms in Australia. In proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Development in Civil Engineering, MUET, Pakistan (5th – 7th Dec 2019).
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Published Book Chapters

  1. Ullah, F., & Sepasgozar, S (2019). A Study of Information Technology Adoption for Real-Estate Management: A System Dynamic Model. Innovative Production and Construction, World Scientific Singapore, May 2019, 469-486.
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