Mr Frank Zhang

Casual Academic
School of Chemistry

PhD student in the Hunter Group in a one-and-only collaboration with the Children's Medical Research Institute.

Room 211, Dalton (F12)



Cavill Medicinal Chemistry Scholar Award

Howard Prize Medicinal Chemistry 1A

Howard Prize Medicinal Chemistry 1B

The June Griffith Memorial Prize

UNSW Science Dean’s List for 2019


Harold Theodore Clyde Howard Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship

The Howard Prize in 2nd Year Organic Chemistry

The Howard Prize in 2nd Year Physical Chemistry

The UNSW Chemical Society George Wright Prize


The Inglis Hudson and the Jeffery Bequests

The 3rd Year Medicinal Chemistry Prize

Science Vacation Research Scholarship (Schmidt group: REMPI of fluorenyl radical)


Taste of Research Scholarship (Boyer group: Antimicrobial polymers)

Organic synthesis

Telomerase inhibitors