Associate Professor Graham Brown
Associate Professor

Associate Professor Graham Brown

Business School
Centre for Social Impact

Associate Professor Graham Brown is currently the Acting Node Director of the Centre for Social Impact

Graham has been working and researching community led health promotion, social change, and evaluation for more than 25 years. He is passionate about research that enables communities to mobilise and lead social change and this underpins Graham’s leadership role at the Centre for Social Impact UNSW, as the academic lead for Amplify and evaluation programs.

Graham’s early work in social impact and community mobilisation was in the Australian HIV response. Through this be became an advocate for community led and owned evaluation and building evidence to advocate for structural and policy change.

Graham has a long history of collaborative research and advocacy with marginalised or underserved communities and their organisations. This has included community organisations and health services working in HIV, hepatitis C, sexual health, youth outreach, mental health, multicultural health, rural health, and domestic violence.

Graham has led the application of systems approaches and complexity theory to support community, health and social services identify outcomes and demonstrate impact within their community, policy and health systems.

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