Associate Professor Hamid Roshan
Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor Hamid Roshan

Mineral and Energy Resources Engineering

Dr Hamid Roshan graduated with a PhD in Petroleum Geomechanics Engineering from the School of Petroleum Engineering at UNSW Sydney in 2012 followed by 3.5 years postdoc training in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He was later appointed in UNSW School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering in 2016. Prior to his PhD study, Hamid worked with the Underground Gas Storage Company where he gained invaluable industry experience and knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies in underground gas storage including successful gas storage project in Sarajeh field. Currently, Dr Roshan and his team work on multiphysics geomechanics and rock characterization including theoretical, numerical and experimental developments with applications in Mining, Civil and Petroleum Engineering. Dr Roshan team has also developed and patented field-scale downhole logging tools for stress - mechanical property measurements as well as software solution for mining industry. Since 2017, Dr Roshan has been developing the advanced multiphysics laboratory (GeoEngineering Research Lab: in UNSW where the next generation of equipment for coupled geomechanics - rock characterization has been designed and built offering state-of-the-art academic and technical services to Mining, Civil and Petroleum sectors. 

Research Interests

  • Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics - Multiphysics Geomechanics
  • THMC Experimental and Computational Modelling in CCUS, Coal Seam Gas and Shale Gas Engineering
  • Geophysics and Data driven Rock Mass Characterization - Borehole Geotechnical Logging
  • In-situ Stress Measurement and Estimation

Individuals with strong academic background and good publication record are strongly encouraged to contact me to explore the scholarship opportunities.

+61 2 9385 5535
Tyree Energy Technology Building, Level 2, Room 221, Kensington Campus
  • Journal articles | 2023
    Soleimani F; Si G; Roshan H; Zhang Z, 2023, 'Numerical modelling of coal and gas outburst initiation using energy balance principles', Fuel, vol. 334,

  • Time-lapse Seismic Survey for Formation and Gas Content Characterization (2022-2023) ACARP Project
  • Methodology for efficient design of the pattern of drainage holes based on stress variation and gas flow behaviour in coal seams (2020-2022) ACARP Project
  • New effective stress law for coal: experimental, theoretical and numerical development (2020-2024) Industry Project
  • Parenting Geophysical Strata Rating (GSR) and numerical modelling optimum characterisation of rock mass (2019-2021) ACARP Project
  • Quantification of Multiphysics phenomena of Gas flow in organic rich shales (2021-2023) Australian Research Council Discovery Project
  • Effective Stress coefficient measurements of sandstone samples (2019-2021) Industry Project
  • Biot coefficient of soft rocks (2021-2022) TfNSW
  • Deployment of silica gels for improved CO2 containment and risk mitigation (2019-2020) CINSW Seed Project
  • Advances in acoustic logs to predict the stress redistribution in coal strata as a result of degassing-dewatering (2018-2020) ACARP Project
  • Productivity optimisation of tight sandstone reservoirs by multi-technique approach (2017-2018) Industry Project
  • Gas sorption induced damage in coal (2017-2018) Industry Project
  • Multiphysics instabilities during diagenesis of shale gas reservoirs (2017-2020) Australian Research Council Discovery Project
  • Permeability testing of sediment core (2015-2016) WA State Government Project


  • American Rock Mechanics Association Future Leader
  • Australian Geomechanics Society
  • International Society of Rock Mechanics
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers

My Teaching

  • Petrophysics (PTRL2020)
  • Formation Evaluation (PTRL5107)
  • Integrated Oil and Gas Reservoir Evaluation (PTRL4010)
  • Geomechanics A (Lecture)