Associate Professor Hauke Wetzel
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Associate Professor Hauke Wetzel

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Hauke A. Wetzel (Ph.D., University of Mannheim, Germany) is Associate Professor of Marketing at UNSW, Sydney.

Hauke's research reveals performance consequences of initiatives designed to build, maintain, or terminate the relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders in product and service markets. By adopting a balanced perspective that accounts both for bright and dark side consequences of marketing initiatives his research paves the way for more sustainable marketing practices. His broad expertise in empirical research methods allows him to approach topics from different angles.

His work has been published in some of the most impactful marketing journals such as the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, the Journal of Service Research, the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, Industrial Marketing Management, and the European Journal of Marketing amongst others. Hauke reviews for multiple internationally leading journals. He has received multiple awards and award nominations for his research and reviewing activities.  

Hauke led research and consulting projects in different industries. His experiences cover established national, international and global players as well as start-ups in Germany and in New Zealand. He has been instrumental in attracting more than AU$ 880,000 in funding from various sources including competitive research grants and funds from industry.

(+61) 2 9065 3821
Quadrangle Building, Office 3041
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    Haenel C; Wetzel H, 2018, 'Payback Time! Dealing With the Dark Side of Service Contract Termination', in Proceedings of the 48th EMAC Conference, Glasgow, presented at 48th EMAC Conference, Glasgow
    Preprints |
    Eckert C; van Heerde HJ; Wetzel HA; Hattula S, Spotlight Personnel: How Hiring and Turnover Drive Service Performance versus Demand, ,

Research Grants


User Engagement in Social Media”, German Academic Exchange Service, € 1,550


“How Firms Should React to Social Misconduct: Compensation Strategies and Performance Implications”, German Research Foundation, € 97,552

2012 – 2014

Various research grants (< 1,000 €), Universitätsbund Göttingen, 1,300


“The Dynamics Underlying Performance Signaling: Insights from the Professional Sports Market, German Academic Exchange Service, € 1,563

2009 – 2011

Customer Prioritization, Julius-Paul-Stiegler-Memory-Foundation, € 3,200

Funding from Practice

2008 – 2017

Research collaborations with various companies, € 441,800


AMA Sport SIG Best Paper Award 2019, Finalist


JAMS/Sheth Foundation Best Paper Award 2018, Finalist


Lecturer of the Year Award, Massey University, Nomination


Outstanding Reviewer Award, European Journal of Marketing, Winner


Dissertation Award, Marketing Foundation, Winner


German Market Research Award, Professional Association of German Market and Social Researchers, Finalist


Sheth Doctoral Consortium Fellow, American Marketing Association, Stillwater, OK, USA


American Marketing Association Best Paper Award “Inter-Organizational Issues in Marketing”, Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference, Boston, MA, USA