Dr Iman Al-Damad

Research Associate
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Civil Engineering Building (H20) Level 7, Room CE702
  • Journal articles | 2022
    Al-Damad IMA; Foster SJ, 2022, 'Behavior of Postcracked steel fiber-reinforced concrete in fatigue and development of a damage prediction model', Structural Concrete, 23, pp. 1593 - 1610, http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/suco.202100497
  • Theses / Dissertations | 2020
    Al-Damad IMA, 2020, Fatigue Behaviour of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Pavements
    Conference Papers | 2016
    de Burgh JM; Al-Damad IMA; Foster SJ, 2016, 'Experimental investigation of water vapour sorption isotherms and microstructure of low calcium geopolymer binders', in Mechanics of Structures and Materials: Advancements and Challenges - Proceedings of the 24th Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials, ACMSM24 2016, Taylor & Francis, Perth Australia, pp. 443 - 448, presented at 24th Australian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials (ACMSM24, Perth, Australia, 6-9 December 2016), Perth Australia, 02 December 2016 - 09 December 2016, https://www.crcpress.com/Mechanics-of-Structures-and-Materials-XXIV-Proceedings-of-the-24th-Australian/Hao-Zhang/p/book/9781138029934
    Theses / Dissertations | 2015
    Al-Damad IMA, 2015, Water Vapour Sorption and Durability of Geopolymer Concrete