Dr Ingrid Jimenez Barbosa

Dr Ingrid Jimenez Barbosa


  • PhD in Optometry: Visual Function in Dry Cleaners, (University of New South Wales-Sydney-UNSW, 2014)
  • Master’s in business administration (MBA), (La Salle University, Bogota- Colombia 2003)
  • Graduate Diploma in Pedagogy, (La Salle University, Bogota-Colombia 2004)
  • Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health Administration (Universidad de Bogota, Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogota-Colombia 1998)
  • Graduate Certificate in Human Talent Management (Colombian Chamber of Commerce, 2017)
  • Graduate Certificate in Curriculum, (La Salle University, Bogota- Colombia 2008)
  • Graduate Certificate in Didactics Strategies: Course redesign through Cases Method, (The Technological Institute of Monterrey (TEC)- Mexico,2005)
  • Bachelor of Optometry, (La Salle University, Bogota- Colombia 1997)
Medicine & Health
School of Optometry and Vision Science

I am an Optometrist and Educational Focus Academic at the School of Optometry and Vision Science (SOVS). I obtained my PhD degree at UNSW, Sydney. I worked at University of La Salle- Bogota-Colombia as an Associate Professor for 18 years. Also, I was the Director of the Research Centre in Health and Vision (RCHV) and I formed part of the team that designed the curriculum for the first Master in Vision Science by research for Latin America and I undertook the role of its first director. I have been a peer reviewer for tertiary quality of education programs in health sciences, recognized by the Colombian Ministry of Education.

School of Optometry and Vision Science Level 2, Room 2.006A North Wing, Rupert Myers Building
  • Journal articles | 2015
    Jimenez I; Boon MY; Khuu SK, 2015, 'Exposure to organic solvents used in the dry cleaning affects the perception of global form and motion', PLoS One, vol. 10, http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0121422

  • National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Project Grant, awarded to Guillemin, G., Gupta, S. As an Associate Investigator: Jimenez, I.AU $1,063,797, AAP2015197, 2022-2024. Grant entitled: An integrated platform for the early diagnosis and treatment of biotoxin-related illnesses in Australia like Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.
  • La Salle University-Research Centre in Health and Vision (RCHV); Research grant awarded to: Jimenez, I., Rodriguez, M.F., Bernal, L., Molina, N & Khuu S.K. AUD $80,000, 2017. Grant entitled: Evaluation of human, animal and environmental health risks in agricultural production systems using agrochemicals.
  • La Salle University and Tecnoquimicas S.A Company. Ballesteros, F., Rodriguez, M.F., & Jimenez, I., AUD $97,000, 2015. Grant entitled: Biocompatibility of one contact lenses multi-purpose solution with the ocular surface and the antimicrobial activity of two multi-purpose solutions.
  • La Salle University, Research grant awarded to: Jimenez, I., Garzon, J., Rodriguez, M.F., & Khuu S.K. AUD $ 78,000, 2014. Grant entitled: Visual and ocular neurotoxicity in workers exposed to organic solvents.

  • 2018, La Salle University’s Research Vice- rectory, best researcher in the are of Health and Sciences.
  • 2017, La Salle University’s Academic Vice- rectory, best lecturer in the area of Health and Sciences.
  • 2015, La Salle University’s Rectory award, best Director of  The Research Centre in Health and Vision (RCHV)
  • 2009-2013, recipient of Scholarship by Latin American Program of American Universities (LASPAU) in collaboration with the Science Ministry of Colombia & Universidad de La Salle (Colombia) to study a PhD Program in Australia

My research is focused on the field of occupational health and vision. This research seeks to understand how to assess different work risks that can impact the eye and the visual system, particularly how emergent work hazards such as exposure to chemical substances and biological toxins could alter the eye and the visual function. This research focuses on the following areas: 1) To have an eye-visual battery test to early detect neurotoxicity; 2) To designed and include eye-vision battery test as a part of guidelines and policies to prevent neurotoxicity; 3) To promote self-care interventions to prevent eyes’ work-related injuries and illness.

In the teaching area my interest of research has been vision health education using different pedagogical approaches and didactics. This research analyses the learning styles of students and vision health professionals based on the VARK model, and the application of other adult learning methodologies in vision health education. My particular interest is to increase student engagement and learning by including game-like elements in learning, podcasting and movie case analysis.



My Teaching

I have teaching expertise in different areas of Optometry  and Vision Science such as: Optometry and Occupational Health, Public health, Visual Neuroscience, Optical Dispensing, Evolution and Vision, Administration and Marketing, Optical Enterprises Management. I am very comfortable teaching in these areas and have perspective regarding different international approaches to their teaching.

I am the course coordinator for:

Undergraduate- VISN 3111: Development and Ageing of the Visual System

Postgraduate- VISN 5531: Development and Ageing: Implications for Orientation and Mobility