Dr Jarrod Hore

Dr Jarrod Hore

Research Fellow
Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Humanities & Languages

Jarrod Hore is an environmental historian of settler colonial landscapes, nature writing, and geology, and is currently postdoctoral fellow with the New Earth Histories Research Program, University of New South Wales, Sydney. His work on earthquake geology, wilderness photography, early environmentalism, and the Romantic tradition in the antipodes has been published in the Pacific Historical Review, Australian Historical Studies and History Australia. His first book, Visions of Nature: How Landscape Photography Shaped Settler Colonialism was published by University of California Press in 2022.

Marilyn Lake Prize for the best book in Australian Transnational History. Australian Historical Association, 2023.

Donna Coates Prize for the best first book to investigate Australia, Canada, and/or Aotearoa New Zealand. Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand Studies Network, 2022.  

Shortlisted for the New South Wales Premier's History Awards (General Category), 2023.