Dr John Doan
Conjoint Lecturer

Dr John Doan

B.Sc. (Hons) Sydney 2006, Ph.D Sydney 2011, Certified Radiopharmaceutical Science Specialist.

School of Chemistry

John is a Radiopharmaceutical Science Specialist and has expertise in the design, synthesis and characterisation of radiotracers for applications in human health. John completed his Ph.D. in 2011 at the University of Sydney in the field of Radiopharmaceutical Sciences as continued as a Post Doctoral Research at the University of Sydney from 2011-2013. Between 2013-2019 he then worked in industry at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Alliance Medical Radiopharmacy in the U.K., and King's College London as a Radiochemist. Since 2019, John holds a cross appointment between the Prince of Wales Hospital and the Biological Resource Imaging Laboratory (BRIL), at UNSW as a Radiochemist. He is also a National Imaging Facility Radiochemistry Fellow and is a Conjoint Lecturer through the School of Chemistry. John is also a member of UNSW's Radiation Safety Committee. John has a passion to develop radiotracers and radiopharmaceuticals to solve problems in health and industrial applications.

Biological Resource Imaging Laboratory (BRIL): https://www.analytical.unsw.edu.au/facilities/bril

National Imaging Facility: https://anif.org.au/

School of Chemistry: https://www.chemistry.unsw.edu.au/

Bachelor of Science (Honours Class 1), The University of Sydney, 2003-2006.Ph.D. in Chemistry , The University of Sydney, 2007-2011. Postdoctoral researcher, University of Sydney 2011-2013. Senior Hospital Scientist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, 2013-2015. Senior Radiochemist, Alliance Medical Radiopharmacy, United Kingdom, 2015-2016. PET Radiochemist, King's College London, United Kingdom, 2016-2019. Principal Hospital Scientist, Prince of Wales Hospital, 2019-current. National Imaging Facility Fellow, UNSW, Biological Resources Imaging Laboratory, 2020-current. Conjoint Senior Lecturer, UNSW, School of Chemistry, 2020-current.

+61 460 027 550
The University of New South Wales Lowy Cancer Research Centre Kensington 2052 Australia Nuclear Medicine & PET/CT Department Prince of Wales Hospital Level 2 Campus Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital, High Street, Randwick NSW 2031

Radiopharmaceutical science is a multidisciplinary field encompassing chemistry, physics and biology. It is the science of incorporating a suitable radionuclide into a pharmaceutical or other biologically active molecule in vivo physiological or biochemical processes. The resulting radiopharmaceuticals are used in the diagnostic imaging or therapy of patients with various diseases.

I have an interest in the development of radiopharmaceuticals with potential clinical applications in various fields including oncology and neurology.  My role at the Department of Nuclear Medicine and PET, Prince of Wales Hospital is to provide the radiopharmaceutical clinical service for diagnosis of various diseases.

As a Conjoint Lecturer in the School of Chemistry and a National Imaging Facility Radiochemistry Fellow my role is to develop new radiochemistry techniques, tools and radiotracers for various industry including health and industrial applications that could enhance the growing field of Radiopharmaceutical Sciences.