Mr John Gamble

Mr John Gamble

Senior Lecturer

PhD, UNSW 2014

B.Architecture, UNSW 1982

B. Architecture (Science), UNSW 1976

Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Built Environment

John graduated from the Architecture program at The University of New South Wales. He has been involved in architectural education and private practice for more than forty years. In 2014, John completed his PhD thesis ‘Alvar Aalto: Formal structure and a methodical development of an inclusive architecture’. His primary interests lie in the connections between the major elements of an architectural project – the human situations, the site, the material construction and spatial enclosure; and in the question – in design that strives to be inclusive, how is it possible for a single architectural form to establish productive connections with the multiplicity and diversity of a project’s patterns of living and patterns of site? A foundational idea for his investigations is articulated in the statement by the philosopher Susanne Langer: ‘Art has a logic of its own (and by “a logic” I mean a relational structure), which is very complex; it is largely by virtue of its complexity that it can present us with images of our even more complex subjective activity’.

Red Centre West Wing, Room 3009
  • Book Chapters | 2018
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    Book Chapters | 2018
    Gamble J, 2018, 'The 'Free Pattern' of Rickard House1', in Bruce Rickard: A Life in Architecture, NewSouth Publishing, Sydney, pp. 222 - 237

Design/construction integration, architectural precedent studies