John Zubrzycki

John Zubrzycki

Research Fellow
Postgraduate Research Student
School of Humanities&Languages

Thesis Title

Transnational exchanges in magical knowledge and methodologies between India and the West, 1813-1940



The thesis examined the factors that drove the exchange of magical knowledge and methodology between India and the West during the period from 1813 to 1940. Indian magic had a profound influence on European conjuring traditions, with numerous magicians drawing inspiration from Indian tropes. Employing the tools of the transnational turn in scholarship, it examined both the legitimate and illegitimate trade in secrets, the adaptation of magic feats, the appropriation of elements of magical performativity such as names, honorifics, costumes and stage settings, as well as the means by which these were transmitted.

Recipient of the Dean's Award for Outstanding PhD Theses 2020.