Professor Kelley Johnson

Professor Kelley Johnson

Honorary Professor


Arts,Design & Architecture
Social Policy Research Centre

Professor Kelley Johnson has undertaken research across a wide range of social policy issues both nationally and internationally.  She has managed a national action research evaluation of the Stronger Families and Communities project at the Australian Institute of Family Studies; has undertaken research in relation to attitudes to poverty, and services for older people; and has conducted evaluations of government and non-government organisations. However, her main focus has been in researching with people with disabilities with a particular interest in gender, deinstitutionalisation, community living and sexuality and relationships. Professor Johnson has written extensively in refereed journals and has published five books; the latest being People with intellectual disabilities: towards a good life? with Jan Walmsley (2010 Bristol University Press).

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Kelley held a prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship at Trinity College Dublin where she was responsible for the initiation and development of inclusive research with people with intellectual disabilities at a national and international level.