Dr Kirsten Challinor

Dr Kirsten Challinor

Visiting Fellow
Medicine & Health
School of Optometry and Vision Science

I am a sensory perceptual research scientist and Psychology & Optometry lecturer who specialises in visual motion perception, contrast perception, attention, and neuro-computational modelling. 

I am fascinated by how the human brain processes information collected by our senses. My research seeks to further describe and understand the neural mechanisms by which we perceive our world.

At the University of New South Wales I teach Optometry and Vision Science students about statistics, vision science and evidence-based practice: www.statsinfocus.com. I also manage a blended learning project in Medicine- improving supervisor training: www.clinsupervisor.com. I helped apadt this content for Optometry Supervisors: www.clinsupervisor.com/optometry.

I was recently a project manager on for a project on improving the use of Evidence-based practice in Optometry. See http://www.eboptometry.com
for further information about this exciting project.

North Wing Rupert Myers Building