Dr Kok Wai   Chan
Senior Research Fellow

Dr Kok Wai Chan

 University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia 

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Electrical Engineering 2012 
  • Bachelor's Degree, Electrical Engineering (1st Class Honours) 2008 
Sch: Electrical Eng & Telecom

Senior Research Fellow at The University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia (May 2021 – current)

  • I am currently working on the implementation of spin-photon coupling in a silicon quantum dot qubit devices with on-chip fabricated superconducting microwave resonators to enable distant qubit coupling and realization of scaled-up quantum processor.

Head of Quantum Device Fabrication at IQM Quantum Computers, Finland (Jun 2019 – March 2021)

  • I led a team of quantum engineers, focusing on the design and fabrication of scalable superconducting quantum computing with circuit refrigeration for qubit reset and utilizes 3D integration technologies. 

Senior Scientist at Microsoft Quantum, Sydney Australia (Jun 2018 – May 2019) 

Research Fellow at The University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia (Oct 2015 – Jun 2018) 

  • My research focused on the design and development of silicon quantum dot architecture with fabrication process suitable for scalable quantum computing. This architecture is based on metal—oxide—semiconductor compatible aluminum multi-layer gating technology. I played an integral role in this novel process in Prof. Andrew Dzurak’s group. I have fabricated devices which meet the experiment requirement for current state-of-the-art two-qubit logic gates operation and facilitated the first demonstration of full two-qubit state tomography and randomized benchmarking in silicon quantum dot spin qubit platform, published in Nature

Research Fellow at The National University of Singapore, Singapore (Oct 2012 – Sep 2015) 

  • I assisted the Director, Prof. Antonio Castro Neto to establish the Micro and Nano Fabrication Facilities under the National University of Singapore and Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) start-up grants, worth S$40 million. The cleanroom facility, named CA2DM Micro- and Nanofabrication Facilities comprise a state-of-the-art 800 sqm Class 100 and 1000 areas dedicated to 2D materials research such as graphene. I established and supervised a competent cleanroom operation and management team. I fabricated graphene bolometer devices which have produced results published in Nature

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia (Sep 2011 – Jul 2012)

Newton Building, University of New South Wales


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