Miss Madeleine Powell

Miss Madeleine Powell

Casual Academic

MPH, MHM, BNurs.

Medicine & Health
School of Population Health

I am a Doctoral Student and part-time Project Officer at UNSW's School of Population health. I have over 5 years of experience in research, collaborating on diverse research projects in both hospital and community settings. 

After 6 years of clinical experience in surgical and intensive care nursing, I began work as a Clinical Research Nurse at the Princess Alexandra Hospital ICU. In this role, I conducted a variety of nursing-led studies focused on improving patient care. Whilst working here I completed a Dual Master of Public Health and Health Management at the University of New South Wales.

In 2020 I commenced work at UNSW, working on several projects at both the School of Population Health and the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre focused on child injury prevention, child protection, and e-cigarette prevalence and harms. 

In June 2021 I commenced my Ph.D. at the UNSW School of Population Health and was awarded a Scholarship from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre. My Ph.D. research will use epidemiological methods and leverage a multi-jurisdictional electronic cohort (e-cohort) study of Australian children to study child maltreatment amongst children with parents who have substance use problems. 

My research interests lie in epidemiology, non-communicable diseases, social determinants of health, and children's and women’s health.

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  • Conference Papers | 2023
    O'Neill K; Powell M; Lovell T; Brown D; Walsham J; Calleja P; Nielsen S; Mitchell M, 2023, 'Improving the handover of complex trauma patients by implementing a standardised process', in Australian Critical Care, pp. 799 - 805, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.aucc.2022.10.020

Winner 2010 Undergraduate Student of the Year, Mater Clinical Teaching and Learning Award: Awarded Student of the Year by the Mater Hospital in recognition of my dedication to learning and patient care, competing against finalists from all health disciplines.

I am currently completing my Ph.D., working under the supervision of Dr. Kathleen Falster, Dr. Alys Havard, Associate Professor Timothy Dobbins, and Dr. Rhiannon Pilkington. The title of my Ph.D is: Transforming the health system response to parents with drug and alcohol misuse to prevent child maltreatment: a population data linkage study.

I am also working part-time at the UNSW School of Population Health as the Project Officer for an Aboriginal community-led child injury prevention project based in remote NSW.

I am an investigator on a number of nursing-led research projects conducted at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, including a pre-post intervention study aiming to improve end-of-life care delivered in ICU, a health care delivery study aiming to improve the Nursing handover of complex trauma patients on discharge from ICU, and a study trialing the delivery of Animal Assisted Therapy for ICU patients.