Professor Mandy Cheng

Professor Mandy Cheng

PhD (Accounting) UNSW


Business School
School of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

Professor Mandy Cheng


School of Accounting - PhD Accounting, UNSW | MCom (Hons), UNSW | BCom (Hons), UNSW | FCPA (Aust)

About Mandy                   

Mandy Cheng joined the school in 1998. Prior to her appointment Mandy worked as an accountant with BHP. Her research interests include strategic performance management systems such as the balanced scorecard, capital investment decisions, incentive and compensation scheme designs, the use of accounting information in negotiations, and Integrated Reporting.

Mandy's editorial experiences include: Editor of Accounting and Finance, Guest Editor/Editorial Board member of Journal of Management Accounting Research and Associate Editor of Behavioral Research in Accounting (2011-2013). She is the international member at-large of the American Accounting Association Council, executive member of AFAANZ Management Accounting Special Interest Group (Management Accounting) and from 2011-2014, a Director of AFAANZ (Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand). Mandy is also a member of Professional Qualification Advisory Committee of CPA Australia. 

Mandy regularly presents at international and national accounting conferences, and has publications in leading accounting A* journals (ABDC ranked) including The Accounting Review, Accounting, Organizations and Society, Contemporary Accounting Research, Management Accounting Research, and Auditing – a Journal of Practice and Theory. Her successful external grants include ARC Discovery and Linkage grants. She is a co-organiser of the Global Management Accounting Research Symposium - an annual conference hosted by UNSW, Michigan State University and Copenhagen Business School.

She teaches in a range of undergraduate and postgraduate management accounting courses.


Media Releases

  • ASB accountants research integrated reporting
  • “Does the way in which information is presented in management reports affect decision-makers’ cognitive representations and strategic choices?” Thinking, CIMA Global Financial Management July 2015.
  • “How self-certification fosters employee honesty”
  • "Autographic design: how a simple system of self-certification can deter people from putting their interests above those of the organisation.” Thinking, CIMA Global Financial Management May 2017. 
  • “How a simple bit of trust can foster worker honesty” (with contributions from Julian Lorkin) South China Morning Post (published 16th June, 2017)

UNSW Business School profile:

+61 2 9385 6343
Room 3087, Quadrangle building - Ref E15
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    Preprints |
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Selected Research Grants

  • 2014 CIMA Research Grant: "Significant judgements and decisions occupying the conscious attention of today's management accountants"
  • 2012-2014 ARC Linkage Grant: "Enhancing Integrated Reporting: Implications for internal and external reporting and assurance" 
  • 2006-2008: ARC Discovery Grant: "Multi-person judgement in management accounting"