Dr Margaret Hutchison

PhD (History), Australian National University

Bachelor of Arts (Honours, First Class), University of Adelaide 

UNSW Canberra
School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Dr Margaret Hutchison is a lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Her research examines the policies and practices of care for Australian veterans and the cultural legacies of war. Her current work focuses on the history of veteran suicide in Australia. 

Margaret earned a PhD from the Australian National University. She has held a number of academic and research positions, including working as a lecturer at the Australian Catholic University and as a researcher on the Official History of Australian Operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and East Timor at the Australian War Memorial. 

She is the author of Painting War: A history of Australia's First World War art scheme (Cambridge University Press, 2018), She is also a co-editor of Portraits of Remembrance: Painting, Memory and the First World War (University of Alabama Press, 2020) and Exiting War: The British Empire and the 1918-20 moment (Manchester University Press, 2022). She is currently a CI on an Australian Research Council Discovery Project that investigates the historical and social dimensions of veteran suicide. 

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    Edited Books | 2020
    2020, Portraits of Remembrance Painting, Memory, and the First World War, War, Memory, and Culture
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2023 - 2026           ARC Discovery Project DP230101689 ($490,170 AUD)

2022 - 2025           Australian Army History Unit Research Grants Scheme ($44,562 AUD)

2022                       Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide Grant ($89,000 AUD)

2022                       ACU Faculty of Education and Arts Research Grant ($9,000 AUD)

2021                       Flinders University Foundation and Freemasons Centre for Male Health and Wellbeing Grant, Open Door Centre ($38,000 AUD)

2019 - 2021          Australia-Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme Grant ($14,100 AUD)

2018 - 2020          ACU Deputy Vice Chancellor Research Grant ($15,000 AUD)