Mr Mark Whelan

Mr Mark Whelan

Technical Officer
Mineral and Energy Resources Engineering

Mark is the Technical Officer in the School of Mining Engineering. He manages the day-to-day operation of the School’s major physical laboratories. These facilities are used for undergraduate classes, research projects, and contract work for external clients from time to time.

Mark assists in and helps facilitate the successful design, manufacture and assembly of specialised equipment and the modification and improvement of existing test equipment. He also manages all safety issues in the laboratory including the preparation of risk assessments and standard operating procedures and ensure the safe use of these facilities by students and staff.

The School of Mining Engineering is one of the founding Schools of the university and is the leading Mining school in Australia as well as being regarded as a leader in mining education across the English-speaking world. The School offers a single undergraduate Mining Engineering degree, plus a strong program of postgraduate coursework degrees, and an expanding program of research activity.

UNSW is a member of the national joint venture, Mining Education Australia (MEA), for the provision of the undergraduate program, in collaboration with the University of Queensland, University of Adelaide, and Curtin University of Technology.

The School has recently established the Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices (ACSMP), to be a leading independent authority in this field, providing advice, education and training services, and research.

+ 61 2 9385 6687
Rm G42, Old Main Building
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