Dr Maryam Shahbazi

Dr Maryam Shahbazi

Associate Lecturer
Business School
School of Information Systems and Technology Management

Dr Maryam Shahbazi is a distinguished scholar and practitioner in the field of Business Information Systems. She earned her PhD from the University of Sydney, specialising in Business Information Systems. Maryam also completed an MPhil in Social Network Analysis and holds a Master's degree in Project Management, as well as an EMBA.

Professionally, Maryam has a robust background in International Business Development, Market Research, and Project Management. She has demonstrated consistent leadership in steering complex business ventures. Her academic interests are deeply rooted in Crisis Management, Cybersecurity and Social Media Analysis. Maryam's scholarly contributions have been recognized in top-tier journals such as JASIST and IJIM, showcasing her groundbreaking insights at the intersection of technology and organizational strategy.

School of Information Systems and Technology Management, UNSW Business School, Room 2070, Level 2, West Wing, Quadrangle Building (E15), UNSW SYDNEY 2052

My research journey began at the confluence of digital technology, its evolutionary trajectory, and the intricate dynamics of social behaviours within both business and broader societal contexts. My contributions in this domain have been recognized in esteemed research outlets, such as the JASIST, IJIM, AMCIS, HICSS and IFIP WG8.6. During my PhD journey, I have focused on the transformative influence of information systems on contemporary societal issues, with a particular emphasis on their role in crisis management. My work underscores the potential of digital tools and strategies to effectively manage crises at both organizational and public levels to ensure sustainable economies and societies.You may enjoy reading more about it:

  • Shahbazi, M., Bunker, D., (2024) Social Media Trust, and the COVID-19 Crisis; International Journal of Information Management (IJIM). 
  • Shahbazi, M., Bunker, D., & Sorrel, TC. (2023) Social Media on the Edge of Chaos: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Public Health Communications; Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST).

My Teaching

INFS5907-Fundamentals of Cybersecurity for Business

INFS2701-Managing Cybersecurity in the Digital Age

ZZBU6511-Predictive Analytics