Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Matthew Kok Ming Ng

Arts,Design & Architecture
City Futures Research Centre

I am Postdoctoral Fellow in the Value Australia project here at the City Futures Research Centre. The project looks at how property valuation models can be automated by leveraging on advances in spatial modelling and machine-learning. I look particularly at the relationships between accessibility and its derivation from the transport network on population and property distributions. I have a particular interest in understanding urban structures, transport modelling, and urban development policy with respect to equity and housing. I received my most of my academic training at University College London; and, received my PhD in 2020. My research then looked at how urban growth and public housing structures in Brunei have manifested issues of segregation and poor accessibility, with modelling techniques including remote-sensing and network analyses, spatial interaction modelling, and other geographic regression techniques. I am open to research students that have interests aligned to mine.