Dr Meghan Stacey
Senior Lecturer

Dr Meghan Stacey

PhD, BEd (Hons 1), BA - The University of Sydney


Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Education

Dr Meghan Stacey is a Senior Lecturer in the UNSW School of Education, researching in the fields of the Sociology of Education and Education Policy. Taking a particular interest in teachers, her research considers how teachers’ work is framed by policy, as well as the effects of such policy for those who work with, within and against it. Meghan completed her PhD with the University of Sydney in 2018. Before this, she worked for a number of years as an English and Drama teacher in public secondary schools in NSW, in particular in the Riverina region. 


+61-2-9065 3651
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Australian Research Council Linkage Project, 2021-2024, $232,347 - Co-Chief Investigator

'Time use, time poverty and teachers' work', Associate Professor Greg Thompson, Dr Anna Hogan, Associate Professor Nicole Mockler and Dr Meghan Stacey

UNSW School of Education Research Grants funding, 2021, $8327 - Chief Investigator

'Teachers and religion in NSW schools', Dr Meghan Stacey

UNSW School of Education Research Grants funding, 2019, $5000 - Chief Investigator

'Graduate school choice and initial teacher education', Dr Meghan Stacey


NSW Teachers Federation, 2018, $120 000 - Co-Chief Investigator

'Understanding work in schools: the foundation for teaching and learning', Associate Professor Susan McGrath-Champ, Dr Rachel Wilson, Dr Meghan Stacey, Dr Scott Fitzgerald

NSW Teachers Federation, 2017, $50 000 - Co-Chief Investigator

'Teaching and learning: review of workload', Associate Professor Susan McGrath-Champ, Dr Rachel Wilson, Meghan Stacey

Early Career Researcher Award, Australian Association for Research in Education, 2020

New Voice Scholar in Educational Leadership Research, ACEL, 2020

Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Sydney, 2016

Institute for Educational Research (IER) grant to attend the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) in Dublin, Ireland, 2016

Best Research Paper Award, University of Sydney Research Students' Forum, Faculty of Education and Social Work, 2015

Postgraduate scholarship for attendance at the Association of Industrial Relations Academics Australia and New Zealand (AIRAANZ) conference in Auckland, New Zealand, 2015

Australian Postgraduate Award, 2014-2017

G. S. Caird Scholarship for Most Proficient Student in Bachelor of Education II, University of Sydney, 2007

NSW Department of Education and Training Teacher Education Scholarship, 2005-2010


Blog Posts

  • Stacey, M. (2019, July 22). Teachers also are affected by the ‘school choice’ policies dividing Australia [blog post]. Retrieved from https://www.aare.edu.au/blog/?p=4224&fbclid=IwAR0Mskuhanjyne1HN7EihhimQDUlgVl8uDSuMnxWqqhB5dmg6YI_paq9hu8
  • Mockler, N. & Stacey, M. (2019, March 18). What’s good ‘evidence-based’ practice for classrooms? We asked the teachers, here’s what they said [blog post]. Retrieved from https://www.aare.edu.au/blog/?p=3844
  • Sattin-Bajaj, C., Stacey, M. & Thomas, M. (2019, February 27). How do school choice and funding work in Australia? [blog post] Retrieved from https://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/rick_hess_straight_up/2019/02/how_do_school_choice_and_funding_work_in_australia.html


Editorial Work

Meghan currently serves as the Coordinating Associate Editor for the Australian Educational Researcher (AER). 


Meghan regularly reviews for academic journals including:

  • Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education
  • Critical Studies in Education
  • Journal of Education Policy
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Education
  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education
  • Compare
  • Policy Futures in Education 
  • Journal of Curriculum Studies

My Research Supervision

  • Therese Gawthorne (joint), 'An investigation into factors facilitating and inhibiting workplace satisfaction and the mental wellbeing of staff in New South Wales (NSW) public schools'
  • Matthew Leeds (secondary), 'Evaluating individual contributing elements in the return on Australian University based preparation and development Educational Leadership programmes'
  • Pascale Drever (secondary), 'Evaluating the effectiveness of a whole-school approach to student wellbeing on teacher wellbeing'
  • Caitlin Senior (secondary), 'Equity in education in Australia and Canada: Comparative analysis of two jurisdictions'

My Teaching


  • EDST1104 - Social Perspectives in Education
  • EDST5451 - Educational Policy: Theory and Practice
  • EDST5457 - Literature Review