Conjoint Associate Professor

Associate Professor Miriam Tania Levy

Medicine & Health
SWS Clinical School

Research Interests:
The Viral Hepatitis Research Group has a number of key areas of active clinical research. The group has already published unique australian data on the rates of mother to child transmission of hepatitis b infection and are currently examining the role of anti viral therapy to prevent transmission of hepatitis B in this setting. The natural history of women with Hepatitis B infection remains to be defined, as much of the internationial literature on natural histry does not reflect the course of the disease in women, which tends to be less severe. In addition, Liverpool Hospital is one of only three sites across NSW with a fibroscan machine, which allows for the non invasive estimation of liver fibrosis without doing a liver biopsy. this tool has profound clinical potential, although the role in some settings requires validation with further research. The role of Fibroscan in end stage renal disease, cultural groups who are unwilling to ahev biopsy, and in the monitoring of pts on methotrexate are subjects for future research.

Broad Research Areas:
Gastrointestinal Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Health Promotion, Clinical Research


Society Memberships & Professional Activities:
FRACP, Gastroenterological Society (GESA)

Specific Research Keywords:
Fibroscan, Hepatocellular cancer, Haemangioma, Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C, Mother to child transmission of infection

Liverpool Hospital





Viral hepatitis and pregnancy

Primary hepatocellular cancer, clinical elements currently patient reported outcomes

Screening for viral hepatitis . New strategies