Dr Mirjam Wiedemann

Dr Mirjam Wiedemann

Senior Lecturer

PhD, Dipl.-Ing.

School of Aviation

Dr. Mirjam Wiedemann, PhD, is a lecturer and researcher at the University of New South Wales in the School of Aviation. Her applied research concerns regions, aviation innovation such as drones and AAM as well as sustainable aviation (hydrogen, electric flight) and the airport city and aerotropolis business models. Mirjam holds a licence as a drone pilot and has years of experience as an aviation consultant. She also worked in renewable energies and in Government. After working and living in numerous countries and across numerous disciplines, Mirjam speaks several languages and has developed a high understanding of cultural and disciplinary differences what allows her to bring people from different backgrounds together on high impact projects. Mirjam is a German industrial engineer with a PhD from Southern Cross University where she researched on companies’ decisions of location and infrastructure needs for Airport Cities and Aerotropolises. Mirjam is a frequent speaker at conferences, engages regularly in industry and government projects and is giving training for professionals. She has also been an advisory board member of an EU project in mobility research and is an Adjunct Research Fellow to the Centre for Enterprise Dynamics in Global Economies where she held previously a position in the leadership team and led the research on 'Precincts & Regions'. Until recently, Mirjam was also a member of the Parafield Airport Consultative Committee. Mirjam has helped numerous international airports and regions with their strategy towards economic development and revenue enhancement. Mirjam also collaborates with the Urban Turbine in the Uk and the Aerotropolis Institute Africa in South Africa.

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    Theses / Dissertations | 2015
    Wiedemann M, 2015, The Role of Infrastructure for Economic Development in an Airport Metropolis’ Region, https://scu.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/permalink/61SCU_INST/114d5di/alma991012821560202368

Wiedemann, M, O’Connor, A, Millcock, S, Chan, K, Soetanto, D, Allan, A, Pearce, L, 2022, Prosper! Interdisciplinary solutions for Prosperous Regions, Theo Murphy Initiative, awarded: $10,000

Wiedemann, M, Vij, A, Banerjee, R, O’Connor, A, Soetanto, D, Ardeshiri, A, 2022, iMOVE 3-031: Validating the benefits of increased drone uptake for Australia: Geographic, demographic and social insights, CRCiMove, lead organization: Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts (DITRDCA), awarded: $200,000

Wiedemann, M, 2022, DVC:R&E and the Dean Research UniSA Business to enhance publication outputs fund, awarded: $2,020 

Wiedemann, M, 2021, Urban Turbine Research Project, awarded: $35,838

Wiedemann, M, 2020, Airport Industry Workshops and Consultations, Researcher Connection Innovation Fund, awarded: $3,215

Mirjam engages in applied research with a wide range of industry and government departments.

Mirjam is a member of the National Community of Practice for UAS and AAM Research https://www.linkedin.com/company/national-community-of-practice-for-uas-and-aam-research/