Mr Nic Kuo
Research Fellow

Mr Nic Kuo

Medicine & Health
Centre for Big Data Research in Health

Nicholas I-Hsien Kuo (Nic) has a Masters in Science (Applied Mathematics + Statistics) at the UoA,
and a Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science) at the Australian National University (ANU).

He joined the Centre for Big Data Research for Health (CBDRH) in 2021
and is currently working with Professor Louisa Jorm and Dr. Sebastiano Barbieri.

Level 2, AGSM Building (G27), Gate 11, Botany St, UNSW Sydney Campus, Botany St, Kensington NSW 2052
  • Conference Papers | 2021
    Kuo NIH; Harandi M; Fourrier N; Walder C; Ferraro G; Suominen H, 2021, 'Plastic and stable gated classifiers for continual learning', in IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops, pp. 3548 - 3553,

Studied at the ANU under the Australian Government Research Training Program Domestic Scholarship.

My Research Interests
I always have a lot of interest in various disciplines of machine learning.
Currently, I am spending most of my time on the following 3 topics:
1) On Automating the Pipeline of Creating Synthetic Clinical Data,
2) On Processing Long Documents of Mixed Type Data, and
3) On the Theories of Continual Network Optimisation in a Low Resource Environment.

Extra Activities
I am a member of Dr. Oscar Perez Concha's Friday Machine Learning Club.
Most of our discussions in 2022 are / will be related to the latest developments of
Transformer-based neural network models for natural language processing.

My Teaching

I am working with my CBDRH colleagues in preparing Health Data Analytics (HDAT) course materials.

You will find me appearing on
HDAT9000 -- Clinical Artificial Intelligence -- on the Causal Inference lectures; and
HDAT9510 -- Machine Learning II -- on the RNN lectures.