Miss Octavia Soegyono

Miss Octavia Soegyono

Casual Academic

Bachelor of Science (Psychology)/Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies/Politics), University of New South Wales (2018)

Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons I), University of New South Wales (2019)

Science Education

I am a PhD candidate interested in predictive learning processes and how these processes regulate our behaviours and decisions. Using animal models, I aim to understand how associations between the environment, our actions, and their consequences are acquired, updated and expressed.

My research specifically focuses on the role of delta-opioid receptors on the membrane of cholinergic interneurons and how D1- and D2- spiny projection neurons interact with these interneurons in the nucleus accumbens shell. In my research I use Pavlovian-Instrumental Transfer paradigms, in combination with various tools such as chemogenetics and optogenetics to manipulate brain regions.

More info available here.

Psychology Peer Mentoring Coordinator | 2021-2023

Psychology Postgraduate Representative | 2021-2022

Psychology Peer Mentor | 2021-2022

Women in Maths & Science Champion | 2021

My Teaching

PSYC5002 | Introduction to Psychology 2

PSYC5001 | Introduction to Psychology 1

PSYC3051 | Physiological Psychology

PSYC2101 | Assessment, Personality, and Psychopathology

PSYC1001 | Psychology 1A

PSYC1024 | Clinical Perspectives on Anxiety, Mood and Stress (Marking only)