Associate Professor Peter Malouf

Associate Professor Peter Malouf


Doctor of Philosophy (Public Health and Tropical Medicine) JCU

Thesis: What are the differences in alcohol use and alcohol-related harms among Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous Australian university students?

Graduate Diploma of Public Health and Tropical Medicine JCU

Master of Public Health, Major in Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs UQ

Bachelor of Health Science CSU

Medicine & Health
Faculty Office

Dr Peter Malouf, Associate Professor and Director of Indigenous Health Education at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, leads curriculum design and implementation of Indigenous Health teaching and learning. His efforts have spanned three distinct universities, adhering to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health standards set forth by the Australian Medical Council's Primary Medical School accreditation. Dr. Malouf's unique approach is marked by collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, co-designing learning frameworks that prioritise their voices and experiences to guide the cultivation of culturally safe practices and cultural competency. Furthermore, his work extends to decolonising medical curricula and devising strategies to foster asset-based learning and teaching, promoting inclusivity and awareness.

In addition to his academic contributions, Dr Malouf has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities in steering a major health service organisation in North Queensland through transformative change management and strategic expansion initiatives. His acumen in this context is noteworthy and vast executive experience working in primary and acute health settings. 

A seasoned researcher, Dr Malouf's investigations have delved into the realm of alcohol and alcohol-related harm among young populations, with a distinctive focus on utilising Indigenous research methodologies that uphold the principles of Indigenous sovereignty. Furthermore, his research interests encompass suicide prevention and mental health, addressing critical facets of public health.

In recognition of his academic prowess, Dr Malouf holds Adjunct Associate Professorial positions at James Cook University and the University of Sydney.

Dr Malouf was crucial in spearheading the COVID-19 response with the New South Wales Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations. Dr Malouf was a member of the Commonwealth Department of Health Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group on COVID-19 (the Taskforce).

Room 329A, Samuels Building (Sydney) Medicine & Health UNSW SYDNEY NSW 2052 AUSTRALIA

2022- Current NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies, A randomised controlled trial of cannabidiol (CBD) in the treatment of cannabis dependence, led by Professor Nicholas Lintzeris. Chief Investigator H, Malouf P

2021- Current MRFF Research Grant - Indigenous Led Evaluation of Aboriginal Programs led by Sandra Bailey, Sax Institute, Associate Investigator Malouf, P

2020-2021 A place-based pandemic response to the strengths and vulnerabilities of Aboriginal communities in south-eastern New South Wales. Ministry of Health COVID-19 Research Grants, Clapham, Kathleen F. De Souza, Paul, Malouf P

2010-2012 NHMRC, Building Indigenous Research Capacity – Speare et al, Indigenous Researcher (James Cook University) – AI Malouf, P

2008-2010 FAHSCIA funded project – Modelling integrated service delivery for Palm Island, James Cook University $660,000 – Malouf, P


2021 Expert Witness in the Select Committee on Mental and Suicide Prevention, Australian Parliament. In Hansard MALOUF P

2021 Expert Witness in the NSW Legislative Committee on Health Outcomes and Access to Health and Hospital Services in rural, regional and remote NSW, NSW Government. In Hansard. MALOUF P

2021 Expert Witness in NSW Legislative Public Accountability Committee on NSW Government’s Management of COVID-19 pandemic. In Hansard MALOUF P

2021 In Print with the Guardian – COVID is running riot in Aboriginal Communities MALOUF P

2021 In Radio with RN Breakfast - Aboriginal communities 'frightened' as COVID-19 cases rise MALOUF P

2021 In Television with Today Show - 'Diabolically low': Grave concerns over vaccination rates in Aboriginal communities MALOUF P

2021 In Television with NITV the Point, NSW government not consulting Indigenous health services, MALOUF P

2021 In Print with Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian – provided Expert comments on COVID and Medical Education and Suicide Prevention MALOUF P

My Research Supervision

Co-supervising a Master of Philosophy Student at the University Sydney - Thesis Topic - Improving thinking and social skills in young people in custody with mental health conditions: Justice Health NSW Pilot Study