Mr Prashanth Nagulapally

Mr Prashanth Nagulapally

Research Associate

PhD in Mechanical Engineering, UNSW, Sydney, Australia

Master of Engineering Science, USQ, Toowoomba, Australia

Bachelor of Technology, SRM University, India







Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Prashanth Nagulapally is currently working at the Automated Manufacture of Advanced Composites (AMAC) Research Centre at UNSW SYDNEY. He received his PhD degree from UNSW Sydney. He's research work is focused on the structural health monitoring of mechanical and civil engineering infrastructures using fibre optic sensors.


Ainsworth Building (J17) Level 2, Room 208 Kensington Campus
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    Journal articles | 2021
    Nagulapally P; Shamsuddoha M; Rajan G; Djukic L; Prusty GB, 2021, 'Distributed fibre optic sensor-based continuous strain measurement along semicircular paths using strain transformation approach', Sensors (Switzerland), 21, pp. 1 - 20,
    Journal articles | 2021
    Nagulapally P; Shamsuddoha M; Rajan G; Mohan M; Prusty BG, 2021, 'Distributed fiber optic sensor-based strain monitoring of a riveted bridge joint under fatigue loading', IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 70,

Structural Health Monitoring, Fiber Optic Sensing, FRP Composites, Numerical Simulations,