Dr Rajendra Gyawali

Dr Rajendra Gyawali

Casual Academic

BOptom (Hons.); MOptom; FAAO

Medicine & Health
School of Optometry and Vision Science

Rajendra is an optometrist trained in Nepal and South Africa. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and Ezell Fellow (2019). He has over 10 years of experience in clinical practice, program coordination, teaching and research in various parts of the world including Nepal, Maldives, Malawi, Eritrea, Vietnam and Australia. He has research interests in evidence-based practice, refractive error and visual impairment, glaucoma, eye care in marginalized communities and patient centered eye care delivery.

As a UNSW Scientia Scholar, Rajendra is currently working in health service research, with a focus on improving the appropriate care delivered by optometrists. His research involves development and assessment of clinical practice guidelines and indicators, qualitative research and investigation of healthcare providers behavior and behavior change strategies. 

William C. Ezell Fellowship (AAOF) (2019) 

American Academy of Optometry (AAO) Travel Award. 2015 

World Council of Optometry Travel Award 2015  

Eritrean Research Fund award (2014 and 2015) 

India Vision Institute Grant 2013

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