Dr Raymond   Neff
Senior Research Associate

Dr Raymond Neff

  • PhD, Chemical Engineering (University of Minnesota, USA)
  • BS, Chemical Engineering (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
Sch: Mech & Manufacturing Eng

Dr. Raymond Neff is a Senior Research Associate in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, working in the ARC Training Center for Fire Retardant Materials and Safety Technologies.  His current roles include supervising and conducting research into sustainable flame resistant materials, firefighting chemicals and gas sensing nanotechnology, in addition to coordinating projects between UNSW and Flame Security International.  Dr. Neff received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1995.  After two years as a NRC Postdoctoral Associate at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Gaithersburg, MD, USA), he joined BASF Corporation (Wyandotte, MI, USA) in 1997 as a Senior Research Scientist, where he conducted basic research and product development for polyurethanes.  He joined UNSW in February 2020.


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