Dr Rhiannon Parker
Research Fellow

Dr Rhiannon Parker

Business School
Centre for Social Impact

Dr Rhiannon Parker is a Research Fellow at CSI UNSW. She is a qualitative researcher whose work has focused on the intersections of social justice, health, and education. She is interested in exploring and working to improve lived experiences of education, health, illness and care. Key areas she has undertaken research on include the social dynamics of cancer, end-of-life care, gender and educational attainment, and gender in medical education

+61 2 9348 0729
704, Level 7, Science Engineering Building (E8)
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  • Journal articles | 2022
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    Journal articles | 2019
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    Journal articles | 2019
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  • Reports | 2023
    Parker R; Yao YS; Varadharajan M; Noone J, 2023, Community Strengthening Evidence Review, NSW Department of Communities and Justice, https://evidenceportal.dcj.nsw.gov.au/documents/community-strengthening-evidence-review/D22_3137528__CSI_Evidence_Review_Report_-_FINAL.pdf
    Preprints | 2022
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    Preprints | 2021
    Parker PD; Allen K-A; Parker RB; Guo J; Marsh H; Basarkod G; Dicke T, 2021, School Belonging Predicts whether an Emerging Adult will be Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET) after School, , http://dx.doi.org/10.31234/osf.io/cbwph