Associate Professor Rona Chandrawati
Associate Professor

Associate Professor Rona Chandrawati

School of Chemical Engineering

Scientia Associate Professor and NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow

UNSW School of Chemical Engineering


A/Prof Rona Chandrawati graduated with a BSc (Biotechnology) from Monash University and obtained her PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from The University of Melbourne in 2012. She was then a Marie Curie Fellow at Imperial College London before returning to Australia in 2015 to establish her research group. She completed an Executive Leadership Program at the University of Oxford in 2020.


  • PhD, The University of Melbourne, 2012
  • Marie Curie Fellow, Imperial College London, 2012-2015
  • Lecturer, The University of Sydney, 2015-2017
  • ARC DECRA Fellow, The University of Sydney and UNSW, 2017-2020
  • Scientia Senior Lecturer, UNSW, 2018-2020
  • NHMRC Emerging Leadership EL2 Fellow, UNSW, 2020-2025
  • Scientia Associate Professor, UNSW, 2021-present
  • Australian Research Council College of Experts, 2023-present


A/Prof Chandrawati heads the Nanotechnology for Food and Medicine (NanoFAM) Laboratory and her research interests include:


  • colorimetric nanosensors for food safety, disease diagnosis, and environmental monitoring
  • enzyme-like catalysts for the delivery of drugs (nitric oxide) and cell signaling molecules
  • nanocoatings on implantable medical devices


Since 2012, she has successfully attracted over AUD 4M in competitive funding as a Lead Chief Investigator + AUD 6M in funding as a co-Chief Investigator. She published in prominent journals including Science, Advanced Materials, Advanced Science, Small, Angewandte Chemie, Nano Letters, ACS Nano with >5000 citations.


A/Prof Chandrawati serves in the World Economic Forum Global Future Council in Biotechnology, World Economic Forum's Expert Network, and MIT Technology Review Global Panel.


Awards and Honors:

2023 Le Fèvre Medal, Australian Academy of Science

2022 Materials Today Rising Star Award

2022 40 Under 40 Most Influential Asian-Australian Award, Science & Medicine Category Winner

2022 UNSW Engineering Research Supervisor Award Honourable Mention

2021 NSW Early Career Researcher of the Year (Physical Sciences), NSW Premier's Prizes for Science and Engineering

2021 Eureka Prize for Outstanding Early Career Researcher Finalist

2020 Australia's Most Innovative Engineers, Engineers Australia

2020 Derek Hart Memorial Award

2020 Polymer Chemistry Emerging Investigator, Royal Society of Chemistry

2018 Outstanding Postgraduate Research Supervisor Award, UNSW Sydney

2018 World Economic Forum 40 Young Scientists Under 40

2018 World Economic Forum Global Future Council in Biotechnology

2017 Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Early Career Research, The University of Sydney

2017 Engineering Dean’s Research Award, The University of Sydney

2017 NSW Fresh Scientists

2017 30 Stars of Sunway, Jeffrey Cheah Foundation

2015 Elsevier Woman in Chemical Engineering Award

2015 Monash Engineering Women’s Leadership Award

2013 Young Persons’ Lecture Competition Finalist, IOM3

2012 Marie Curie Fellowship

2011 Young Scientist Research Prize Finalist, Royal Society of Victoria

2007 Monash University Dean’s List Fellowship Award

2007 Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Award for Excellence in Chemistry



2022-2023 Cooperative Research Centre Project Grant (Lead CI)

2021 ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities LE210100156 (co-CI)

2021-2023 Ramaciotti Health Investment Grant (Lead CI)

2020-2025 NHMRC Emerging Leadership EL2 Fellowship APP1173428 (Lead CI)

2017-2022 ARC Training Centre for Innovative BioEngineering IC170100022 (co-CI)

2017-2020 ARC Linkage Project LP160100988 (co-CI)

2017-2020 ARC DECRA Fellowship DE170100068 (Lead CI)


Editorial Activities:

Editor - Nature Communications Materials

Editorial Advisory Board - Advanced Sensor Research

Editorial Advisory Board - JACS Au

Guest Editor - Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

Guest Editor - Sensors Special Issue "Biennial State-of-the-Art Sensors Technology in Australia 2019-2020"


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching:

CHEN6703 Advanced Particle Systems Engineering (2018 - present)

CEIC4951, CEIC4952, CEIC4953 Research Thesis (2018 - present)

CEIC9951, CEIC9952, CEIC9953 Advanced Research Thesis (2018 - present)

BMET5931 Nanomaterials in Medicine (2017 - present)


Chandrawati NanoFAMily Lab Members:

1. Dr Federico Mazur (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2017 - present)

2. Dr Yulong Alex Sun (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2023 - present)

3. Andy Pham (Research Assistant, 2022 - present)

4. Theatin van Leeuwen (PhD candidate, 2019 - present, primary supervisor: Per Zetterlund)

5. Angie Davina Tjandra (PhD candidate, 2020 - present)

6. Vina Putra (PhD candidate, 2020 - present, primary supervisor: Kris Kilian)

7. Shu Geng (PhD candidate, 2021 - present)

8. Qingqing Fan (PhD candidate, 2021 - present)

9. Annabelle Jiann Huey Lee (PhD candidate, 2021 - present, joint supervision with Alice Lee)

10. Gustavo Sant'Anna (PhD candidate, 2021 - present, primary supervisor: Nick Bedford)

11. Siti Nur Asyura Adzlan (PhD candidate, 2023 - present)

12. Xuanyu Fan (Undergraduate research student, 2022)

13. Samaita Azmi (Undergraduate research student, 2023)

14. Henry Chandra (Undergraduate research student, 2023)

15. Frances Daphne Garela (Postgraduate research student, 2022)

16. Fuhe Dai (Postgraduate research student, 2022)

17. Yingkun Sheng (Postgraduate research student, 2022)

18. Yiyi Yin (Postgraduate research student, 2022)

19. Iris Li (Postgraduate research student, 2022)

20. He Huang (Postgraduate research student, 2023)


Chandrawati NanoFAMily Lab Alumni:

Dr Fabio Lisi - The University of Tokyo (JSPS Fellow)

Dr Tao Yang - Imperial College London (Marie Curie Fellow)

Dr Zijie Luo - Monash University

Dr Max Weston - Combined Energy

Dr Yingzhu Zhou - Maccura Biotechnology

Dr Yuan Gao - GECA

Sanna Deano - BE Campbell

Paulaena Franco - Ecolab

Linyang Liu - The University of Sydney

Aileen Lu - Amazon Web Services

Larissa Reihberg-Laaksonen - City Water Technology

Junwei Tang - vivoPharm

Jennessa Tubman - Goodman Fielder

Andy Wang - Boston Consulting Group

Jonson Zhou - Macquarie Group


Chandrawati NanoFAMily Lab Awards and Honors:

2022 UNSW Academic Excellence Award (Federico Mazur)

2022 Winner UNSW Founders New Wave Program (Angie Tjandra)

2022 Winner JCEC NSW Annual Postgraduate Championship (Angie Tjandra)

2022 NSW International Student of the Year - Higher Education Finalist (Angie Tjandra)

2022 UNSW Engineering Research Candidate Award (Angie Tjandra)

2022 Best Oral Presentation at the International Nanomedicine Conference (Angie Tjandra)

2022 Best Poster Presentation at the RACI PolyNSW Symposium (Yuan Gao)

2022 Australian Centre for Nanomedicine Travel Award (Yuan Gao)

2022 Australian Centre for Nanomedicine Travel Award (Yingzhu Zhou)

2022 Lyceum Club Thesis Prize (Andy Pham)

2021 Dean's Award for Outstanding PhD Thesis (Tao Yang)

2021 Innovyz Commercialisation Poster Prize (Tao Yang)

2021 UNSW Student Award (Angie Tjandra)

2020 Nature Communications Materials Training Grant for Early Career Researchers (Fabio Lisi)

2020 UNSW Early Career Academic Seed Funding (Fabio Lisi)

2020 Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre Image of the Month (Yingzhu Zhou)

2019 Australian Nanotechnology Network Overseas Travel Fellowship (Tao Yang)

2019 Australian Centre for Nanomedicine Travel Award (Tao Yang)

2019 Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre Image of the Month (Tao Yang)

2019 Australian Nanotechnology Network Travel Bursary (Federico Mazur)

2018 Royal Society of Chemistry Materials Horizon Oral Presentation Prize (Federico Mazur)

2018 UNSW Student Award (Federico Mazur)

2017 Best Postgraduate Thesis from the IChemE Joint Chemical Engineering Committee (JCEC) NSW (Federico Mazur)



To prospective students and postdoctoral fellows, please contact for more info.



+61 2 9385 5132
Room 418, Science and Engineering Building E8
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