Ms Rong   Deng
Postdoctoral Fellow

Ms Rong Deng

Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering

Rong Deng is a Postdoctoral research fellow at the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, University of New South Wales. She completed her PhD on "End-of-life Recycling of Silicon Photovoltaic Modules: Towards A Circular Economy" in 2021, and she obtained the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours Class I) in 2018 at UNSW. Her research focuses on rejuvenation, remanufacturing and recycling of mid-life and end-life-life silicon photovoltaic modules, from both a technological and economic perspective. Her paper "A techno-economic review of silicon photovoltaic module recycling" received high praises from leading experts in this field, and have been recognised as a  "PV Recycling textbook" among the industry. 

Her research interests include:

  • End-of-life management of photovoltaics panels
  • End-markets for recycled module materials 
  • PV sustainability 
  • Large PV modules 
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  • Conference Presentations | 2021
    Bilbao J; Monteiro Lunardi M; Ribeiro Dias P; Deng R; Corkish R, 2021, 'Advances in PV sustainability during 20-21, an overview of PVPS Task 12 work', presented at Asia Pacific Solar Research Conference 2021, 16 December 2021 - 17 December 2021,,UNSW%20Sydney.%20The%20Preliminary%20Program%20is%20now%20available%21
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  • Best Oral Presentation Award entitled "Comparative Economic Assessment of Silicon Photovoltaic Module Recycling", GPVC 2019, Mar 14th, Gwangju, Korea.

  • Best Poster Presentation Award entitled "A Simple Method for rapid recycling of silver from decommissioned silicon photovoltaics.", 36th EUPVSEC, Sep 9-13th, 2019, Marseille, France.

  • Best Poster award entitled “Recovering 15 billion from the Waste: Closed-loop Recycling of End-of-Life Silicon Photovoltaic Modules.” UNSW Engineering PG Symposium, Dec 9-10th, 2019, Sydney, Australia.

  • 1st Runner up of SPREE Three Minute Thesis Competition entitled “Towards a photovoltaic circular economy”, 2021, Sydney, Australia.


Selected publications:

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