Dr Rose   Leontini
Honorary Lecturer

Dr Rose Leontini


Medicine & Health
Sch of Public Health & Com Med

Broad Research Fields: Health Ethics, Health Sociology, Sociology of Everyday Life, Social Dimensions of Medicine, Science and Technology, Cultural Studies.

Research Interests:

My research interests include the social and ethical dimensions of genetic testing, youth and alcohol, risk and harm minimisation, the sociology of health and illness, health and hygiene education, and illness narratives. I am cur­rently involved in a project on alcohol consumption and harm minimisation practices among university students, focusing on students’ drinking and harm minimisation practices, and the role of higher education and government initiatives in encouraging self-regulation in relation to consumption. I am also investigating the discursive constructions of the mental health of transgender men and women by psychiatry, with a focus on the moral, ethical, biomedical, and legal discourses on gender reassignment. I am also involved in an investigation into the history of health and hygiene education in NSW public schools, examining the relationship between school medical inspections and family formation, the moral discourse on health and fitness, and the role of the state in the project of creating a healthy nation. I use qualitative methods with particular focus on health and illness.

In the School of Public Health and Community Medicine I teach clinical and public health ethics in a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


I have supervised a number of Honours, Master and PhD projects in the broad research areas of:

  • alcohol use and university districts
  • health and well-being of young Lebanese Australians
  • employment opportunities for people with a mental health condition
  • alcohol consumption and university life among undergraduate students
  • workers’ compensation reforms in NSW
  • men’s health and help-seeking behaviour
  • teachers’ experiences of education practices in medicine

 Students interested in discussing ethics, the use of qualitative methods, or drawing on any of the above-listed fields for their research are welcome to contact me.


Non-Academic Professional Roles

Occasional Member for NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), and Professional Standards Committee, Health Professionals Councils Authority NSW


Non-Academic Interests

Convener of the writing group, Storyism, at the NSW Writers’ Centre, Rozelle NSW







2017 Victoria Department of Health, Alcohol Culture Change Grants Initiative Corney, T., Leontini, R., Wright, C., Cronin, D. Engendering Positive Student Alcohol Cultures and Event Specific Drinking. (300,148) 2017-2019

2009 ARC Linkage Grant. Schofield, T., Lindsay, J., Giles, F., Hepworth, J., Germov, J., Leontini, R., Alcohol Use and Harm Minimisation Among Australian University Students, ($622,853) 2010-2015

2010 International Program Development Fund & Faculty of Arts. University of Sydney. Giles, F., Leontini, R., Goodwin, N., International leadership in social marketing, alcohol use and young people: Australia, China, the US and the UK ($10,000) 2011-2012