Associate Professor Ryan Armstrong
Associate Professor

Associate Professor Ryan Armstrong

•Ph.D., Oregon State University, Environmental Engineering, Summa Cum Laude (2012)

•B.S., Oregon State University, Bioengineering (2006)

Mineral and Energy Resources Engineering

My area of research is multidisciplinary with aspects of applied mathematics, petroleum engineering, computer science, and fundamental physics. My research integrates these disciplines into a comprehensive framework for digital materials characterisation, porous media imaging and modelling, and multiphase flow studies related to future energy technologies.

Applications include digital rock physics, in situ recovery of minerals, geological storage of hydrogen, recovery of transition fuels, geological storage of CO2, mineral liberation analyses, and machine learning in resources engineering.

Professional Affiliations

Tyree Energy and Technology Building (H6) Level 2, Room 243 Kensington Campus
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  • 2022: ARC Future Fellowship, An Advanced Multiphase Model for Geometrical Evolution and Anomalous Flows, FT210100165.
  • 2021: ARC Discovery, Beyond Darcy’s Law: Influence of Wettability on Multiphase Flow in Rocks, DP210102689, Lead CI.
  • 2020: ACARP, Direct Measurements of Effective Diffusion Coefficient of Coal, C29036.
  • 2019: ARC Linkage, In-situ Characterisation of Coal from Coal Seam Gas Developments, LP190100990.
  • 2017: ARC Discovery, Unlock Challenges of Coal Seam Gas: Experimental & Theoretical Developments, DP170104417, Lead CI.
  • 2016: ARC Discovery, Core-scale Geodynamic Rock-typing of Reservoir Rock, DP160104995.

  • 2022: Australian Research Council Future Fellowship
  • 2019: Second Best Paper Award, Society of Core Analysts Symposium
    • Shaw, D., Mostaghimi, P., Hussain, F., and R. T. Armstrong (2019), Insights, trends and challenges associated with measuring coal relative permeability, International Symposium of the Society of Core Analyst, Trondheim, Norway, 27-31 August.
  • 2018: Arc Postgraduate Research Supervisor Award
  • 2016: Best Paper Award, Society of Core Analysts Symposium
    • Armstrong, R. T., McClure, J. E., Berill, M. A., Rücker, M., Schlüter, S., and S. Berg (2016), Flow Regimes During Immiscible Displacement, International Symposium of the Society of Core Analyst, Snowmass, Colorado, USA, 21-26 August. SCA2016-009.
  • 2016: UNSW Staff Excellence Award in Research
  • 2016: UNSW Staff Excellence Award in Teaching
  • 2015: Best Paper Award, Society of Core Analysts Symposium
    • Rücker, M., Berg, S., Armstrong, R. T., Georgiadis, A., Ott, H., Simon, L., Enzmann, F., Kersten, M., and S. de With (2015), The fat of oil clusters during fractional flow – Trajectories in the saturation-capillary number space, International Symposium of the Society of Core Analysts, Newfoundland, Canada, 16-21 August.
  • 2013: Young Professional Best Paper, Society of Core Analyst Symposium
    • Koroteev, D., Dinariev, O., Evseev, N., Klemin, D., Nadeev, A., Safonov, S., Gurpinar, O., Berg, S., van Kruisdijk, C., Armstrong, T. R., Meyers, M., Hathon, L., and H. de Jong, (2013), Direct hydrodynamic simulation of multiphase flow in porous rock, International Symposium of the Society of Core Analysts, Napa Valley, California, 16-19 September.
  • 2012: Best Poster Award, Society of Core Analyst Symposium
    • Armstrong, T. R., Pentland, C. H., Berg, S., Hummel, J., Lichau, D., and L. Bernard, (2012),Estimation of curvature from micro-CT liquid-liquid displacement studies with pore scale resolution, International Symposium of the Society of Core Analyst, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, 27-30 August 2012.