Dr Sandra Fok

Dr Sandra Fok

Research Associate
Research & Enterprise
Bio-medical Imaging Facility

Sandra is a research associate in the Biomedical Imaging Facility within the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre.  Her research interest are in cancer cell migration/invasion and neuroscience.  She specializes in advanced light and optical imaging, including but not limited to 

- Confocal microscopy including FRET and FRAP

- Multi-photon imaging

- Selective plan illumination microscopy (Lightsheet)  - Gaussian and Lattice

- Live cell imaging

- Intravital imaging (mouse, rat and zebrafish)

- Slide scanning

- Ground state depletion microscopy

- Laser microdissection microscopy

- Tranmission and scanning electron microscopy (Biological)

+61405 608 635
Desk 2.11, Rm 2061, Level 2, BioScience South (E26), University of New South Wales
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