Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Dr Sandy Pineda Gonzalez


  • PhD (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry) - University of Queensland
  • Masters in Molecular Biology - University of Queensland
  • Bachelor Degree in Biology (equivalent to honours) -  Biology School, Faculty of Chemical Sciences and Pharmacy, San Carlos University, Guatemala
Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine
+61 (0)2 9295 8283
384 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Level 8 office 8.22
  • Journal articles | 2018
    Ikonomopoulou MP; Fernandez-Rojo MA; Pineda SS; Cabezas-Sainz P; Winnen B; Morales RAV; Brust A; Sánchez L; Alewood PF; Ramm GA; Miles JJ; King GF, 2018, 'Gomesin inhibits melanoma growth by manipulating key signaling cascades that control cell death and proliferation', Scientific Reports, vol. 8,