Dr Sarath Kumarasiri Mataraarachchi
Convener of courses, Lecturer and Researcher

Dr Sarath Kumarasiri Mataraarachchi

Bachelor of Science Hons - University of Colombo

Graduate diploma in Urban and Regional Planning - Queensland University of Technology

Master of sustainable Built Environment - University of New South Wales

Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture - University of Queensland

Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Built Environment
+61 2 9385 4597
Room 1016, First floor, Red Centre West Wing


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    Dr Sarath Kumarasiri Mataraarachchi
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    Journal articles | 2003
    Dr Sarath Kumarasiri Mataraarachchi
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  • Reports | 2017
    Dr Sarath Kumarasiri Mataraarachchi
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    Reports | 1991
    Dr Sarath Kumarasiri Mataraarachchi
    Mataraarachchi SK, 1991, Housing Issues of the Murri People of Kurilpa, Musgrave Park Corporation, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Conference Papers | 2016
    Dr Sarath Kumarasiri Mataraarachchi
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    Conference Presentations | 2016
    Dr Sarath Kumarasiri Mataraarachchi
    Judd B; Liu EY; Mataraarachchi S, 2016, 'Barriers to Low Carbon Living for Low-income Older Australians', presented at European Network for Housing Research, Belfast, 28 June 2016 - 01 July 2016
    Creative Written Works | 2009
    Dr Sarath Kumarasiri Mataraarachchi
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    Creative Written Works | 2009
    Dr Sarath Kumarasiri Mataraarachchi
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    Conference Presentations | 2003
    Dr Sarath Kumarasiri Mataraarachchi
    Mataraarachchi S, 2003, 'Innovation in Urban Transformation: Community Action Planning in Public Housing Estates in Sydney', presented at State of Australian Cities National Conference 2003, Carlton Hotel, Parramatta, 03 December 2003 - 05 December 2003, https://apo.org.au/node/287



2016 - Built Environment Learning & Teaching Initiative: the BE Course Design Competition/Blended Learning

2017 - Institute for Global Development Seed Funding: Developing sustainable infrastructure, poverty reduction and wellbeing through capacity building in Pacific island countries.

2017 - Researchstart Grant: Social cohesion, resilience and informal urbanism across communities along Kelani River basin in Colombo (with Professor David Sanderson)

2017 - Scholarship of Learning and Teaching (SOLT ): Educating the sustainable infrastructure professional: Gaps, opportunities and challenges

2017/18 - Inspired Learning Initiative: Digital uplifting of an elective course

2018 - Education Focus Foundation Funding project: Construction/Design Manual: design strategies in the selection, organization, assembly and maintenance of materials in architecture (with Dr John Gamble)

2018 - Education Focus Foundation Funding project: Group Projects and Problem Based Learning (PBL) - Adopting best practice in our teaching