Research Associate

Ms Sium Bodha Hannadige

Inst. Climate Risk & Response

I am a postdoctoral research fellow in the Institute of Climate Risk & Response (ICRR). My current research primarily focuses on panel data econometrics, climate change and environmental economics. In particular, I have worked on the parametric and nonparametric factor augmented models in large panel data with both stationary and nonstationary variables. In my Ph.D. projects, I have forecasted Inflation, GDP, and other key macroeconomic variables using US macroeconomic data. Furthermore, as a research associate, I have worked with climate change on crop yield in India and Australia.

Alone side academic research, I have worked as a teaching associate on a full time and casual basis for a state university in Sri Lanka and Monash University, Australia.

My research interests are factor analysis, parametric and nonparametric regression, nonstationary and stationary panel data, time series analysis, multi-level factor models, and climate risk.