Dr Sj Shen

Dr Sj Shen

Postdoctoral Fellow

2019 - Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine). Monash University / Monash Medical Centre

2014 - Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Honours). Monash University / Immunology

Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine

I am a postdoctoral fellow in A/Prof Amany Zekry's group, based at Microbiome Research Centre, St George Clinical School, Kogarah NSW. My research investigates the intricate interactions between host immunity and gut microbiota, and how alterations in the gut contributes and modulates inflammation in the liver. By better understanding the mechanisms that underlie how this "gut-liver axis" impacts liver inflammation and disease, I hope to find how modifying the gut microbiota can prevent or halt the progression of liver cancer.

I am a researcher in respiratory and gastrointestinal tract diseases, with a major focus on the interaction between host immunity and microbiota. I have a special interest in the role that diet plays in immune responses and disease progression and modification. Prior to my current role, I trained as a postdoctoral fellow at UTS / Centenary Institute investigating the importance of microbiota in respiratory diseases.

I completed my PhD at Monash University (2019) examining the interplay between the gut microbiota and neutrophils in a mouse model of colitis. My research topic during his 3rd year research project and Honours (Monash University) was examining the role of dietary fibre and short-chain fatty acids in a mouse models of lung inflammation (allergic airways disease and aspergillosis) and oesophagitis.

+61-2-9113 1387
Microbiome Research Centre St George Hospital, Kogarah
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  • Conference Papers | 2023
    Shen S; Jackson M; Khatiwada S; Raposo A; Vijayan A; Rajapakse J; El-Omar E; Behary J; Zekry A, 2023, 'IDDF2023-ABS-0223 Modulating the gut microbiota alters the gut-liver immune environment in a preclinical model of HCC', in Gut – IDDF Young Investigator Award, BMJ Publishing Group Ltd and British Society of Gastroenterology, presented at Abstracts of the International Digestive Disease Forum (IDDF), Hong Kong, 10–11 June 2023, http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/gutjnl-2023-iddf.6

I am currently investigating the role of the gut microbiota and the gut-liver axis in the pathogenesis of liver cancer. By utilising mouse models, immune phenotyping techniques, molecular analysis and advanced imaging techniques, in addition to in vitro and ex vivo assays, I hope to elucidate the mechanisms of how changes in the gut microbiota affects the progression of liver cancer.