Dr Steph Gardner

Dr Steph Gardner

Adjunct Associate Lecturer

BSc BBus, BSc (Hons), PhD (UTS)

School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Current research projects include characterising microbes, such as bacteria, in temperate and tropical reef organisms including fish guts, turf algae and corals to identify changes that are likely to occur under a changing climate. Steph's background in physiology and biochemistry involved looking at a sulphur compound naturally produced by corals, to understand how they can use this to protect themselves against coral bleaching under stressors including thermal stress and hyposaline conditions. 

Centre for Marine Science and Innovation (CMSI)

Evolution & Ecology Research Centre

+61 2 9065 3811
Level 4 East Biological Sciences North (E26) UNSW, Kensington 2052
  • Book Chapters | 2022
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  • Journal articles | 2023
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    Journal articles | 2022
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    Journal articles | 2022
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    Journal articles | 2022
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    Journal articles | 2022
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    Journal articles | 2017
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    Journal articles | 2016
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    Journal articles | 2015
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My Research Supervision

Zuhairah Dindar (UNSW) 2020-2021 - Honours thesis titled "Understanding the unnoticed: the rise of ascidians in the Anthropocene and their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions"