Associate Professor Stuart Clark
Associate Professor

Associate Professor Stuart Clark

  • PhD in Geophysics (University of Sydney, 2007)
  • Master of Arts (University of Melbourne, 2004)
  • BSc.(Hons)/B. Arts (University of Sydney, 2002)
Mineral and Energy Resources Engineering

A/Prof. Stuart Clark is a geophysicist with an interest in resource exploration in frontier environments. His current research also includes automation of geophysical interpretation, optimisation of infrastructure placement and numerical simulations of Earth processes. Prior to joining UNSW in 2017, he was the Director of Research, for Kalkulo AS in Norway (2014-2017) and the Head of Department of Computational Geoscience for the Norwegian Simula Research Laboratory (2011-2014). In these roles he worked on and managed projects delivering cutting edge software and research products to impact industry workflows and regional geological understanding.

Early Cretaceous Reconstruction of the Geological Structures of the Barents Sea

(with present-day topography and coastlines reconstructed for reference)

Subduction model showing a slab decending into the Earth's mantle from Clark et al., 2008.

Tyree Energy and Technology Building (H6) Level 2, Room 214
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    Alarji H; Clark S; Regenauer-Lieb K, Do Wormholes in Carbonates Affect the Oil Recovery for Acid Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods?,
    Preprints |
    Alarji H; Clark S; Regenauer-Lieb K, Do Wormholes in Carbonates Affect the Oil Recovery for Acid Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods?,

  • S. Clark, J. Hauser, K. Regenauer-Lieb, T. Salles, H-P. Bunge and J. Lie (2020-2023), Kinematica: Inference-Based Rapid Resource Exploration Scenario Testing. Australian Research Council Linkage LP190100176
  • K. Regenauer-Lieb, J. Afonso, S. Clark, S. Walsh, S. Thiel, K. Czarnota, T. Poulet and A. Jones (2019-2022), Illuminating AusLAMP: Thermodynamics inversion for mineral systems, Australian Research Council LP170100233
  • S. Clark (2018-2021), 3D Dynamic Sedimentary Basin Reconstructions, Lundin Energy
  • S. Clark (2018-2021), Basin Reconstructions of the Northwest Shelf of Australia, CSIRO Deep Earth Imaging Future Science Platform

My Research Supervision

  • Patrick Makuluni - Automated Restoration of the Northwest Shelf, Australia (Secondary supervisors Dr. Juerg Hauser and Dr. Laurent Langhi, CSIRO and A/Prof. Ryan Armstrong, UNSW)
  • Mohammed Almedallah - Optimisation of Drilling Paths and Oil Rig Placement (Secondary supervisors Dr. Stuart Walsh, Monash University and A/Prof. Ryan Armstrong, UNSW)
  • Suleiman Altaheini - Studying 3D models of reservoir geology built from numerical models of rift and passive margin development (Co-Supervisor A/Prof. Peyman Mostaghimi, UNSW)
  • Peigen Luo - Understand the Evolution of Crustal Highs in Rifted Margins (Secondary supervisor Prof. Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, UNSW)
  • George Marfo - High-Resolution Sequence-Stratigraphy of Mudstones and their Organic Rich Beds, Amadeus Basin, Australia (Secondary supervisor, Tehani Palu, Geoscience Australia)
  • Ruaa Alohali - Enhance the accuracy of multi-member clastic reservoir mapping and its fluid distribution. A case study in a heavily eroded reservoir in Central Arabia (Primary supervisor Prof. Martin van Kranendonk, UNSW)
  • Mackenzie Baker - The impact of the tectonics of the Australian plate on the paleogeography (Joint supervisor A/Prof. Malte Ebach, UNSW)

Recent Completions:

  • Aina Bugge - University of Oslo - Filtering techniques and numerical solutions related to image enhancement and automated geological interpretation of seismic data (Joint supervision with Prof. Jan Inge Faleide, UiO, Dr. Jan Erik Lie, Lundin Norway).

My Teaching

I teaching the following courses


GEOS1111 - Fundamentals of Geology (Lecturer)

PTRL2030 - Field Development Geology (Course Coordinator)

PTRL2114 - Petroleum Geophysics (Course Coordinator)

MERE4951, 4952 and 4953 - Research Thesis (Course Coordinator)

PTRL5006/6006 - Field Development Geology for Petroleum Engineers (Course Coordinator)

PTRL5014/6014 - Petroleum Geophysics (Course Coordinator)

MERE9451, 9452 and 9453 - Masters Project (Course Coordinator)

PTRL9451 and PTRL9452 and PTRL9453 Masters Thesis (Course Coordinator)

MINE5010 - Fundamentals of Rock Behaviour for Underground Mining (Lecturer)