Dr Sue Morris
Course Coordinator and Lecturer

Dr Sue Morris


Dr. Sue Morris is a university lecturer with a passion for enhancing students’ success and wellbeing, emphasising positive psychology and resilience. She completed her undergraduate studies and PhD in Developmental Psychology at UNSW Sydney, where she has worked as a lecturer in the School of Psychology, as well as in staff development for educators. Over 25 years of undergraduate teaching, she has focused on developing innovative and engaging learning experiences for students, emphasising collaboration and connectedness. Her interest and expertise in enhancing student learning has been recognised through numerous awards, including the UNSW Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, the UNSW Faculty of Science Staff Excellence Award in Sessional Teaching, as well as an Australian Office of Learning and Teaching Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. She is the lead author of the book The Rubber Brain: A toolkit for optimising your study, work, and life, which, together with her courses on wellbeing, are designed to help university students (and others) to optimise their thinking and behaviour. She applies psychological literacy in her teaching, with a goal to “optimise the world, one Psychology student at a time”.


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Mathews Building, Room 911

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Australian Award for University Teaching - Citation for outstanding contribution to student learning, 2014 (with J.Cranney)

Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, 2013

Faculty of Science Staff Excellence Award for Excellence in Sessional Teaching, 2011

Carrick Citation Award, 2007 (with J.Cranney, B.Spehar, & B.Newell)