Dr Suk Lee

Dr Suk Lee

Business School
School of Banking and Finance

Suk Lee is a financial economist at the School of Banking & Finance at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia. He is primarily interested in adding microfoundations to theories in behavioral finance, especially in the context of asset pricing. He is also interested in monetary theory and its implication for FinTech, for example, the adoption of CBDC. Suk earned a PhD in Finance from Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California (USC). He also holds a MSc in Finance and Economics, with distinction, from the London School of Economics (LSE). Prior to joining UNSW, Suk was an economist at the central bank of Korea (Bank of Korea).

His website can be found here.

My primary research interests are: (1) Behavioral finance with micro-economic foundations, (2) Asset pricing theory and (3) FinTech, especially in the context of monetary theory

Working papers (in order of recently revised)

1.  Rolling the Skewed Die: Economic Foundations of the Demand for Skewness and Experimental Evidence,  with Andreas Aristidou, Aleks Giga and Fernando Zapatero

2. Distribution-Dependent Value of Money: A Coalition-Proof Approach to Monetary Equilibrium, with Ohik Kwon and Byoung-Ki Kim

3. Clinging Onto the Cliff: A Model of Financial Misconduct, with AJ Chen and Fernando Zapatero

4. Two Reasons to Covet Social Status: A Model of Status-Driven Choice, with Fernando Zapatero

5. Disaster in My Heart: A Visceral Explanation for Asset Pricing Puzzles 

6. CBDC Remuneration: An Application of Programmability, with Seunghyun Lee and Ohik Kwon (draft coming soon)


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My Teaching

MFIN6201: Empirical Techniques and Applications in Finance