Dr Susanne Lloyd-Jones

Dr Susanne Lloyd-Jones

Post-Doc Fellow



Grad Dip Leg Prac (College of Law)


BEc(SocSci)Hons (USYD)


Law & Justice
School of Law, Society & Criminology

Susanne Lloyd-Jones is a Cyber Security CRC Post Doctoral Fellow at the UNSW Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation. Her professional background spans academia, government, industry and private practice.  Since joining the UNSW Allens Hub in November 2021, Susanne’s research has focused on cyber security law and policy, critical infrastructure regulation, law and technological change, and national security regulation in complex industry sectors, such as telecommunications, broadcasting, news media, digital platforms and cloud services. Recently, Susanne completed a CSCRC funded project on regulatory overlap in the cloud services sector in Australia (with a research report co-authored with Dr Kayleen Manwaring, Dr Rob Nicholls, Dr Tyrone Berger and Professor Lyria Bennett Moses on Complex Regimes: Mapping Australia’s Cyber Security Regulatory Landscape for Cloud Services published by UNSW Works). Susanne is currently engaged in a major CSCRC funded research project on the implications of quantum information technology for legislative frameworks that operate to protect Australia’s national interests. Broadly, Susanne’s research seeks to apply ideas from public law, regulatory theory and political economy to improve understanding of the national security obligations of regulated industries and develop effective legal and policy responses for those complex, overlapping regimes. Susanne has presented her research at domestic and international conferences, including at CyberCon in October 2022, at PlatGov 2023 (online) in April 2023, and recently at the University of Adelaide’s RUMLAE Digital Resilience Conference (online) in September 2023. Susanne is writing a book on national security regulation in the Australian communications sector. Before joining UNSW, Susanne worked for the Centre for Media Transition at UTS. She worked for the Australian Communications and Media Authority for over a decade in various senior roles. During her time at the ACMA, Susanne worked on major public policy reforms in the communications sector, including the transition of analog television to digital and radiocommunications spectrum reform. Susanne worked in the subscription television industry as a Senior Legal Counsel for Foxtel, with responsibility for advising on Foxtel’s regulatory operating environment. She was a lawyer with Allen, Allen and Hemsley (now Allens Linklaters) in Sydney and worked with Ashurst Morris Crisp (now Ashurst) in London.  She is admitted to practice as a solicitor in New South Wales, holds a current practising certificate and is a member of the Law Society of New South Wales.

Level 3, Building F8 (Faculty of Law)
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  • Reports | 2024
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    Reports | 2023
    Lloyd-Jones S; Lamchek J; Bennett Moses L, 2023, Submission on the Exposure Draft of the Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023
    Conference Presentations | 2023
    Lloyd-Jones S, 2023, 'Regulating Cloud Platforms as Critical Infrastructure – An Australian Perspective', presented at PlatGov2023: Imagining Sustainable, Trustworthy, and Democratic Platform Governance, Online, 03 April 2023 - 04 April 2023
    Conference Presentations | 2023
    Lloyd-Jones S, 2023, 'Security of Critical Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities', presented at RUMLAE Digital Resilience Conference 2023, University of Adelaide, 04 September 2023 - 04 September 2023
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    Reports | 2022
    Bennett Moses L; Lloyd-Jones S; Manwaring K, 2022, Submission to PJCIS on Security Legislation Amendment (Critical Infrastructure Protection) Bill 2022, http://dx.doi.org/10.26190/unsworks/28200
    Other | 2022
    Lloyd-Jones S; Bennett Moses L, 2022, Small business, Big challenges: Protecting Critical Infrastructure,
    Reports | 2022
    Lloyd-Jones S; Manwaring K; Berger T; Nicholls R; Bennett Moses L, 2022, Complex Regimes: Mapping Australia's Cyber Security Regulatory Landscape for Cloud Services, http://dx.doi.org/10.26190/unsworks/28540
    Conference Presentations | 2022
    Lloyd-Jones S; Manwaring K, 2022, 'Complex regimes: Mapping Australia's Cyber Security Regulatory Landscape for Cloud Services', presented at Australian Cyber Conference 2022: Resilience in a Cyber World, Melbourne, 11 October 2022 - 13 October 2022

Susanne is working in the UNSW Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation in a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship position and her research will drive legal & policy adaptation to new and emerging cyber threats and will further the Hub's research leadership in the area of Cyber Security.