Professor Valentyna Melnyk

Professor Valentyna Melnyk

Ph.D.  in Marketing, Tilburg University, the Netherlands (2005)

Masters in Environmental Management, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2001)


 Masters in Business Economics (Cum Laude), Sumy State University, Ukraine (2000)






Business School
School of Marketing

Valentyna Melnyk (Ph.D., Tilburg University, the Netherlands) is Professor in Marketing and Research Director for the School of Marketing at UNSW. 

Her research tackles novel, society- and/or managerially relevant problems in marketing in the domains of consumer behaviour, cross-cultural marketing, advertising, branding, as well as customer loyalty. Her expertise in different research methods allows her to investigate topics that would be hard to study with a conventional uni-method approach. For example, she investigated topics like the effects of temperature on responses to emotional communication, consumer de-marketing and effects of loyalty programs termination on customer behavior. She uses experimental methods, field data and econometric techniques in her research to obtain actionable insights.

Her work has been published in several leading journals including Journal of Marketing,  International Journal of Marketing ResearchEuropean Journal of Marketing, Marketing Letters and Journal of Business Research. She won the prestigious international Emerald Literati Award for Excellence (for Outstanding Research).

She currently serves on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM) and reviews for other prestigious journals, including Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, IJRMEuropean Journal of Marketing.




Quad 3047
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Valentyna Melnyk won two prestigious external grants from German Research Foundation (DFG).

Both are highly competitive research grants on the topic of “Marketing of Hedonic Media Products in the Context of Digital Social Media,” (# 1452) sponsored by German Research Foundation. 

 2014:  1.5 million EURO (around 2.4 million AUD)

2017:  2.5 million EURO (around 4.0 million AUD). We have received this second grant due to the extremely positive feedback on our research output from the first grant.

She acts as both an International Research Fellow as well as junior staff mentor on the grant. She is collaborating with colleagues from the University of Hamburg, the University of Münster, the University of Cologne, and the Kühne Logistics University.

She has also attracted a number of smaller internal contestable research funds.


Finalist for 2017 International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM) Best Article Award;



Emerald Literati Award for Excellence (in the Outstanding Research category) 

Finalist for Albany Students’ Association Lecturer of the Year (LOTY) award (2013-2016)









Best Paper Award in Buyer Behaviour track for “The ‘Mystery effect’: The effectiveness of fantasy themes on food labels (co-authored by David Jaud, Valentyna Melnyk, and Jan Landwehr, Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy, Sydney, Nov. 30-Dec 2.



Winner of the Research Translation Competition Award, for academic research with best practical implications for companies, Massey Business School, New Zealand

American Marketing Association (AMA) and Marketing Science Institute (Prof Keller, Dartmouth College) has listed Melnyk et al 2012 publication in the Journal of Marketing as number one of the Scholarly Insights into Branding for Marketers and Academics.


Best Paper Award for “The battle of the Sexes: How Gender Stereotypes Influences Brand Perception,” International Conference on Behavioural, Cognitive & Psychological Science, London, UK; November 19.




Best Overall Conference Paper Award (out of over 400 papers) and

Best Paper Award in Marketing and Communications Track for “The Temperature Crossover in Advertising – How Physical Temperature Influences Consumers’ Emotional Responses to Advertising,” Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy, Auckland, December 2-6.


Finalist for the 2011 Donald R. Lehmann Award, American Marketing Association


Finalist for the SAP-PIM Marketing Science for the best dissertation award. This annual award is for the best dissertation written in Marketing at leading universities in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

My Teaching

UNSW (2018- present)

  • Consumer Behaviour (undergraduate students)
  • Advanced Consumer Behaviour (PhD Seminar)
  • Marketing Communication and Promotion (postgraduate students)
  • Experimental Methodology (PhD seminar)


Massey University (2013 – 2018):

  • Consumer Behaviour (undergraduate students)
  • Advanced Consumer Behaviour (postgraduate students)
  • Advanced Marketing Theory and Models (postgraduate students)


Waikato Management School (2006-2013):

  • International Marketing seminars (postgraduate students)
  • Consumer Behaviour (undergraduate students)
  • Advanced Advertising Strategy seminars (postgraduate students)


VU University, Amsterdam (2005-2006):

  • Consumer Marketing (postgraduate students)