Dr Xiao   Xu

Dr Xiao Xu

Chartered Financial Analyst (2019)

Chartered Accountant - Australia (2019)

Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia (2018)

Certified Public Accountant - USA (2018)

Financial Risk Manager (2016)

Fellow of Society of Actuaries (2015)

Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (2015)

Business School
Risk & Actuarial

Xiao is a Lecturer in the School of Risk and Actuarial Studies and the Academic Mentor for the Actuarial Society of UNSW. Her research interests centre around variable annuities, retirement planning and artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning. 

 Before joining UNSW, Xiao had three years of industry work experience in life insurance, consulting business and VC entrepreneurship. She completed her PhD at UNSW, MSE at the Johns Hopkins University and BBA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Xiao holds several professional qualifications: Chartered Financial Analyst (2019), Chartered Accountant - Australia (2019), Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia (2018), Certified Public Accountant - USA (2018), Financial Risk Manager (2016), Fellow of Society of Actuaries (2015) and Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (2015).



Chartered Accountants 20 Young Future Leaders in 2020

Australian Postgraduate Award - UNSW (2016) 

International Student Academic Achievement Award - UW-Madison (2011)


Research Grants

  • UNSW conference travel grant (2019)   
  • SOA research travel grant (2019) 

Industry Grants

  •  Antler start-up grant (2020)